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What are the top Digital Marketing Tactics that People love to use?

When it comes to digital marketing strategies, you can make a long scroll of every technology or technology available today. However, you are likely to hear a lot of suggestions that all or some digital marketing strategies are better than others, which are the most essential?

To compete in the highly competitive digital landscape of 2019 and the upcoming year 2020, you will need to focus on some specific areas.

When you probably hear about these, how many details do you really know to make each one effective? They are all standard for this year and in the coming decade.

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Take a look at each one and see how much you really know. Then assess what elements of them you need to hone in on. These all range from SEO to landing pages. In-between, you may learn many new things about local search marketing and the ever-popular format of video.

Top Digital Marketing Tactics People Love

1. Building a Connection with Tools

Content is synonymous with digital marketing, to the point that nearly everyone is investing in it to some extent. This means standing out and getting results from content has never been harder. Perhaps most importantly, you always need some creativity, skill, and strategy.

You can apply your content on multiple levels strategically and using the same. Do not write and “publish” an article targeting only a head term.

Decide who will read and benefit from the content. Include influencers, and leverage them to help distribute your content, build relationships, and open doors to other marketing opportunities.

2. Update Your Old Content

It’s harder than ever to stand out from the competition when it comes to content, but that doesn’t mean we always have to keep creating new, better content. Sometimes we can actually get great results by revisiting and updating old content. Sometimes we can get really great results by revising and updating some of our old content with some new ideas.

One marketing strategy that we saw as the biggest result was simply giving older content a lift. We connected Google Analytics, and after crawling the website, we were able to organize spreadsheets and drill down to blog posts that had not been seen in many years.

Then, we sorted them by topic and after reviewing each blog post, we decided is this video is best to just delete it, merge it with another post, or add it with new content, imagery and also update with a new title. This strategy is something that we work on a little bit each month because it takes time. However, it lets you focus more on evergreen content.

update your content

3. Leverage Video via Guest Blogging

It’s a fact that we are watching more online videos than ever before. In fact, one-third of online activity is spent watching videos.

If you are not part of this growing trend, there is a good chance you are missing an opportunity to connect with your existing customers as well as potential new people.

Our best marketing strategy in the upcoming year 2020 will be video marketing through YouTube. With very little investment and time spent, we focused on inbound strategies to show our video quality through guest blogging and on the positive word-of-mouth of our customers to enable people to view our content on a large scale that will surely inspire people.

4. Remarketing

Another important aspect of digital marketing is going after prospects again with marketing content if they have not responded to your site’s banner ads for the first time. It serves to track these visitors through cookies and create new ads on related sites. Here we have made something very helpful to understand the term “Remarketing” and “How does it Work?”


5. Marketing Automation

We all know, Marketing Automation is an important element in much digital marketing tactics. Knowing more about it, in general, should become a standard for businesses around the world as it is a top priority.

With 91% of successful businesses now saying that automation is very important to their success, you can see what the present and future of marketing is.

To succeed with this, look for a CRM platform in which marketing automation is built. These can work well together because your CRM already has contact information. Automating marketing content directly into your contact list helps you integrate your marketing into one place instead of using heterogeneous sources.

The most important thing with automation is to keep your content consistent across all channels to avoid brand confusion.

6. Video Marketing

Well, we all know how useful is this, Video marketing is the use of video to advertise a product or service.

Video marketing is extremely effective these days for some reason. First of all, people like to watch videos. And secondly, technology has made it incredibly easy to watch videos.

Need a video marketing example?

Many businesses use YouTube to market products and services. And with good reason. Well, you might know that YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. It gives a new and very effective platform to enhance your business.

7. Shotgun Marketing

Shotgun marketing is the principle of marketing to more and more people.

It is another term for mass marketing. Shotgun marketing usually attracts a large number of leads, but they are usually of low quality.

Let’s say that a business wanted to increase its email subscribers, so it runs a competition where it gives away a free iPad in exchange for signing up to receive SEO tips.

They may get 1,000s of entries, but the majority will just be people who want to win a free iPad. They probably won’t have any interest in SEO and will probably unsubscribe from the newsletter immediately.


Possibly you have used it to get a feel for the kinds of marketing strategies that you could execute for your business. Maybe you were studying marketing and were just looking up a quick definition or trying to see examples of certain marketing strategies.

Regardless, we hope you’ve found this article super-useful.

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