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It is said that  Google has the world’s most relevant and to the point answer to every query. Do you know why?

Before answering that, let’s understand what is a quality check?

The quality checking process is something that can be seen everywhere.

Be it a company, organization, firm whether it is service or product based and small or big company.

Everyone’s main motive is to reach customer satisfaction and quality check ensures this.

The same way Google wants to provide the most relevant searches to the queries.

For this Google has its own quality check for every website or set of protocols or guideline called E-A-T. This quality check procedure ensures that Google has the most relevant answers. 

E-A-T Stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust.

These are three factors that Google uses to measure how much trust it should place in a brand or website.

Let’s see what E-A-T actually means.

E – Expertise

You need to be an expert or specialized in your field.

If you offer or provide a service or product then you should have deep knowledge about it.
It helps you to connect and retain your customers.

Especially if you can explain that your knowledge level matches or exceeds that of your competitor.

When we use Google search engine and feed a particular word, then Google has millions of website that targets the same word.

But Google has its own ranking system. It ranks the pages which provide the most relevant and suitable answers for the search term.

Reason being, the ranked webpage is an expert on a particular subject and delivers the unique answer.

Expertise is the first parameter of Google to rank the pages.

A – Authority

The word itself says a lot about it.

How expert you are in your product or service and how much it can be trusted, depends on three things:

  • Accuracy
  • Authenticity
  • Reliability

For example, when you plan a trip to Thailand and you have a friend who is a travel blogger and have visited Thailand, you will always prefer asking him for the suggestion where you should go or what is the main spot-light of Thailand.

You will ask all these because of the accurate, true and reliable answer you will get.

Same goes with Google. When we use Google search engine, we are looking for an authority who can give us answers that can be trusted. And therefore, it is very particular about displaying the results on the first page.

Because if Google does not follow strict selection criteria, it can lose its trust, reliability and authenticity.

T – Trust

Trust is when someone can rely on your product, service or content. You need to show your users or customers that they can trust the brand or company.

When you achieve the first two parameters then this trust keeps building. 

Everything about your site, brand, content should make users feel safe and comfortable while they’re visiting.

As a starting point, you should immediately implement an SSL certificate on your site as at least 70% of first page results are using SSL.

For example, let’s take a brand that you have heard about for the first time.

The moment when you visit the brand and it convinces you how they are better than others in the same subject or field then, it is an expert in its subject or field. It passes the first parameter.

The quality of the brand’s product is what that proves authenticity. One it proves that it passes the second parameter.

Next is if the product is authentic and the customer feels safe and buys the brand’s product that is trust and then it passes the third parameter.

Once trust is lost in a brand, webpage or content, then it is very tough to regain. So, it is one of the very important parameters preferred by Google.

Now comes the question, how does Google decide about these parameters?

Expertise is a measurement of knowledge or skill level about a product or service.

Authority is measured to see how well the website and the content within it stand apart from the other available options.

And Trust comes with the authenticity of the website or content.

Importance of E-A-T

If we search for something on a Google search engine, we get millions of search results.

When we get into any of the search results and that lacks expertise, authority and trust, you’re likely to look around for an alternative. It happens with every single Google users.

But if the search results are based on the E-A-T parameters, as a user you will not be disappointed with Google’s results. 

E-A-T is the only thing that influences the Google search algorithm change.

Algorithm changes significantly affect the ranking of hundreds of thousands of websites, resulting in increases for some, but decreases for many.

E-A-T is an important technique that will help you reach the top of Google’s search engine page result. If you have any tricks and techniques to master the  E-A-T, do share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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