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What is the ultimate goal of your business, surely the answer is getting prospects and then converting them. Landing pages are especially used to generate leads and then convert them for the profit of their business.

We are back with one more interesting topic which really effects if you are aiming to get maximum leads for the product or service you are offering. Today we are going to talk about landing pages and how they are beneficial for your business. We will also talk about the best practices to keep in mind when we are creating a website.

So, before we talk about the practices, we have to know what a landing page is and what are the benefits of a landing page.

In the normal language, a landing page is the web page of the website which works as the meeting point of the website and the user. If we talk about in terms of online marketing than a landing page which is also known as lead capture form, a static page or destination page is a single web page that appears in front of the user in response on a search engine optimized search engine result or an online advertisement. It is specially created for the purpose of a marketing or advertising campaign. In simple words, we can say it’s where a visitor lands when a user clicks on Google Adwords ad or similar ad.

So, this was all about what is a landing page and I think now you can understand how important a landing page can be for the benefit of your business.

Now the main question is landing page optimization, and the bitter fact is it doesn’t happen overnight and this is the reason why marketers get frustrated and sometimes even give up, but as I said it’s a bitter truth. For making a better landing the main focus should be on collecting data. It is pretty sure that if you are running an ad than you obviously know your audience, so use that data and don’t stop there even try to collect more data so you can use it to create the best landing page for your product and can benefit your business.

Before discussing best practices for landing page optimizing let’s see what are the potential barriers because of which your landing page is not converting:

The first and in my view, the most important reason behind the failure of a landing page is a misunderstanding. In simple words, you are unable to understand the desire of your prospect and as a result, your conversion rate suffers.

  • Unintuitive design
  • Poor headlines
  • Disconnections between ad copy and landing page copy.
  • Unrecognizable CTA (call to action)
  • Distraction from the landing page primary purpose.

There are many more reasons behind the failure of a landing page but in my opinion, these are the most potential reasons behind it.

If we talk about the best conversion rate than it is about 27%, while most industries experience a conversion rate between 2% to 6%.

There is a strong correlation between website traffic and conversion rate if you have more visitors than your conversion rate should also be high. But this not happens always, so you should always keep in mind that with the quantity of traffic quality also matters.

It is a very famous quote that if you have to find a solution, then you have to do a deep research on the problem. So, I think we are done with that so now let’s talk about the solution.

10 best landing page optimization solutions in 2018:

  • Make your offer clear- “Good marketing makes the company look smart”. So, in my opinion, apply this wisdom to your landing page to boost your conversion rate. Try to feel the emotions of your customer. Think in their way what are their goal if they are visiting your landing page.
  • Simplify your landing page:

A very simple landing page may look counter-intuitive, but it really ignores the visual clutter. Your main focus is on the price tag, your CTA (Call to action). So always try to keep your landing page simple and focus on your CTA.

  • Try contrasting colors:

The best landing page which I have seen till now have used great use of colors on their page but they always use color with clarity. So using a color combination in the right way can really benefit your business.

  • Use scarcity technique:

When we click on some offer many times we notice that this product is available only for two days or limited time offer hurry up.  This technique can attract a lot of people towards your product and can really benefit your business.

  • Keep your CTA button straightforward:

Always be clear with your CTA button like- Join now, Subscribe now, Download etc. It helps a user to simply understand everything very easily and they get converted easily.

  • Add your contact information:

Sometimes a user gets confused on what to do and don’t find any relevant contact information to clear their query. So if you want your conversion rate to be high them do provide your relevant contact information on your landing page.

  • Add testimonials to convert undecided user: 

Some user is confused about choosing your product. For that, they prefer to read what your existing clients are saying about you. So testimonials can really play an important role in converting an undecided user.

  • Keep exit popup:

Exit pop up is which appear when a user tries to leave your landing page. So it is the last chance for you to convert your prospect into a lead. So don’t miss out with exit pop-ups.

See if we talk about ways of optimization than believe me digital marketing is an ocean of knowledge and none of the techniques are best, it’s just in how much efficient way you are applying your strategy. Believe me, if you apply these 8 points in your mind while creating your landing page than the rate of conversion for your product and services is very high.

I hope I cleared all the techniques which can really help you out with your landing page but if you are still confused how to do it, don’t worry call on 911-663-1742 or visit: Drivedigital.in to clear your queries and take the best landing page for your product with you.

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