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Page redirect can make the page take more time to load.

Example – if the user searches for your website and the same has been redirected to another page, it may take some time to load your website while crossing various servers.

This usually happens with the e-commerce websites where the stocks keep changing.

Example – you had a website named drivedigital.com and you changed it to drivedigital.in. Then every page of that website – home, service, blog, etc. has to be redirected to the new website.

When the page is redirected it may show error like this:

HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

Location: /path/to/new/location

So now if anyone searches for drivedigital.com, the server will automatically redirect to drivedigital.in.

But multiple redirections take time and increase server requests. Hence it is advisable to not redirects too many pages so as to reduce load time.

Enable the Lighthouse extension in the browser and generate report for the site.

Usually a page fails this test when it has more than 2 redirects. So it is always advisable to not create too many redirects. Page that would make your website take longer time than needed to load.

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