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Google is the biggest platform for every business and of course who would not want to take advantage of this global platform. But it may not be as easy as it sounds. Every second business is online today and to fit into this mammoth crowd is a tough challenge. Advertising on Google to get yourself seen is the first option that might come to your mind. Well, yes, it is the right option. But the need for advertising on Google and actually advertising are two different things.

The complicated term as it sounds Google AdWords is difficult to break down, let alone understand it and use it. But there is no need to panic. Like for everything “Google Baba” has the solution for this too. In 2011, Google introduces its new feature Google AdWords Express with the goal of simplifying their original, complex platform into an easier way to advertise with Google. The main motive was to automate and simplify everything.

Google AdWord like stated earlier was much complex to use. Unlike that Google, AdWord Express is made the user experience simple. It is much easier to navigate through for someone who is a newbie to pay per click advertising or even for them who has limited time and resources. Apart from being a simple platform, it is meant for business to take advantage of sales. You can literally just get started with it in 15 minutes and see the outcome with live ads up and running.

Now the question that pops up is why use Google AdWord Express over Google AdWord? Or is it even useful? Well, definitely AdWord Express is worth giving a try. The most important advantage of Google AdWord Express is its feature of automation and optimization. Another benefit is it saves a large chunk of time. While for Google AdWords you need a person dedicatedly assigned only for understanding and using this platform, Google AdWords Express saves your precious time, when it comes to using it.

Google fully automates the experience, creating multiple ads for you that they consistently optimize and tweak based on best practices. After the ads are placed, Google picks the best placements depending on your business type. Few other advantages of Google AdWord Express to decide whether it is a good choice for your business or not are:

Advantages of Google AdWords Express:

  • Quick Setup – It takes maximum 15 to set up and get started. Not to forget this time includes setup the campaign up and running it. But before you get started with AdWord Express, you will need a Google My Business page.
  • Easy For Beginners Too – You need not have any prior knowledge of advertising on Google or how pay per click works. AdWord Express gives you the facility of automation means, it does all the work for you.
  • No Keyword Research – Unlike traditional Google Ad Words, you do not have to spend hours on keyword research. Which was actually the toughest and most time-consuming work. Express does all the keyword work for you.
  • It’s a Free Setup – There is no cost for using the tool. Which means you do not have put aside a specific budget to advertise on Google.

However, Google AdWords Express may only be useful for small or startup businesses to set a foot in the Google World. It also may be effective for extremely busy businessmen, but it lacks the flexibility and control of traditional AdWords. AWE (AdWord Express) spends less time to achieve results, but that may have its repercussions. When it comes to PPC, you need to have a lot of data. Also making analytical decisions for your business you need systematically analyzed data and unfortunately, Google AdWords Express doesn’t have as much data.

The entire selling point of Express is #SimplifiedAcquisition.

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