Feb 14, 2018 By: drivedigital

The Web Development companies in India are evolving as rapidly. What was trendy earlier doesn’t mean to be the same tomorrow so, you should keep this thing in mind. The web development industry is well-known for its fluctuating. As a web developer, there is always a continual need to stay updated with the current web development trends because the latest trends always provide the users with better functionalities.

Upcoming Web Development Trends-


JavaScript is the most popular programming language in 2017 and it still continues to develop. JS frameworks and libraries are more impressive and flexible. JavaScript is easy to use and user friendly language.

Single Page Application-

Single page applications based on JavaScript pursues to gain fame in Web Development Trends. one page website has a bunch of advantages. This type of site is clearly more user friendly. It allows reducing the costs of the site.


E-Commerce is an independent industry. The e-commerce websites collect the accurate information about the users as well as their preferences. In the e-commerce sites, the clients use their potential audiences and they offer their visitors with the related products as per their desire.

Progressive Web Apps-

Web applications imply to have become the large-scale competitor of native mobile apps. Progressive web apps are web applications that can present to users like a mobile application but are truly websites.

Chatbots (Artificial intelligence)

Chatbots, written or oral conversation software, allow a site to be associated daily, at any time without having to progressively maintain a customer service department. In future, advance chatbots that are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play an important because they were updating on a regular basis for better customer satisfaction.

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