Feb 19, 2018 By: Drive Digital

Design Elements and Principles

The design is not just what it appears or feels like, Design is how it works. The Top Digital Marketing Company, Website Design Elements, and Principles are not just a thing that designers follow. The Design of your website is more important for conversions than you think. Effective web design is judged by the users of the website, not the website owners. In order to occur with an excellent Web Design and an efficient visual and technical aspect of a website, there are some factors that must be incorporated and they are as follows-

Highly Perspective Design
Highly Perceptive design-
Web Page must have a well-managed design and should be simple to understand so that users would not have to think which way to go. This helps to boost the usability of the website and also makes it more appealing.

Visual Hierarchy
Visual Hierarchy-
Visual hierarchy is one of the most valuable fundamentals of a good web design. Many sites are over-designed, with so many functionalities that divert the attention of the visitors. In Impressive Web Design, simplicity rules.

When a visitor arrives on the website, he/she must be able to access it smoothly. This means that the text must be easy to read, colors must not be rough in fact sooth the eyes, etc.

Communication and Content
Communication and Content-
Everyone who visits your website is looking for something or the other kind of information or content and thus it is necessary for you to communicate with them clearly and in an engaging manner.

White Space and Clean Designs
White space and clean design-
White space is a section of a page that is left empty. it helps to separate the web page into various parts or an area that makes it simpler to process the information.

Mobile Friendly
Mobile Friendly-
It is now an obvious place to access websites on mobile phones from multiple devices, so it is crucial to consider if your website is mobile friendly or not. If your website is not mobile friendly, you can either build up to it in a responsive layout or you can build a dedicated mobile site.

Regular Testing
Regular Testing-
Test early and test often is another web design principle that all designers and website owners must recognize. Websites continually need upgrades and updates to maintain the customer interests.