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Will the business survive in this ever-changing technology and trends? This is one question that probably haunts most of the businesses. And why not it be? The competition in the market is flooding with new brands entering every second. The rule of survival of the fittest is coming into effect more than ever before. The principle of, the survival of the fittest works on adopting the changes and be up to date in the market.

When it comes to digital marketing surviving has become all the more difficult because of the technological revolution. Every other day there is some new technology, which is more advanced than the previous one. At this rate of changing trends, it might get difficult to keep up. However, this is the challenge, you have to face. There is no other option for you. You have to adopt the changes if you wish to survive. Maybe the strategies you made at the beginning of the year, might not be that effective by the time you come to the end of the year. The same is happening now. In less than two months, 2018 is going to end and we will set our foot in yet another year of technology in 2019.

As stated earlier survival of the fittest is the success mantra and to survive you need to follow and plan according to the trends in the market.

 Top five digital marketing strategies of 2019

1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality–

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are not just limited to the gaming world of Pokemon and PUBG. It has a lot wider arena, where it can be put to use by the brands to improve their user experience. AR and VR practically allow the buyers to have a real-time experience of the product before purchasing it. This feature attracts and engages more customers, as anyone would like to try and test thoroughly before buying anything. For instance, while shopping for clothes, you wear it and check, if it fits you perfectly and if it is suiting your body style. Imagine, if you could do the same before buying any product, be it cars, furniture, clothes, etc. Well, now you can. AR and VR are literally making it possible to virtually experience any product before buying it. There is no doubt that Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and going be on the top in 2019. Keep a check of these technologies, while planning for your 2019 digital marketing strategy.

2. Voice Search –

The method of type and search is slowly fading out. Voice is now becoming the ultimate search-marketing tool. You must have heard about Alexa and Siri. They are the virtual voice assistants for Android and iOS respectively. Voice search has been trending for some time now. You must have also heard about Google voice assistance. Be it searching for a restaurant near you or changing the song to the next in the playlist, you just have to speak and the work will be done. It is like the voice assistants are at your disposal, your word is their command. This is something new to the users and they are still getting accustomed to it. However, as per the predictions of some of the big marketers, half of all the search queries will be voice-based by 2020. You need to widen your perspective and think about the difference between text and voice search and what benefits voice search has over text search. As Voice search is going to be a part of the marketing strategy in 2019.

3. Artificial Intelligence –

The advancement that the technology is doing, is amazing. When we talk about the revolutionary changes that the technology has been going through, AI tops in the list. Artificial Intelligence is actually a stream of computer science, where a virtual computerized mind is created, that more or less works exactly like the human mind. The only difference is it is more accurate and consumes less time. AI is actually ruling the digital world, powering solutions everywhere, from big to small businesses. From chatbots to robotic process automation, the value of improved efficiency, increased productivity and higher customer satisfaction is becoming clear with AI. Artificial Intelligence is going to improve the customer’s experience and make it easier to maintain database and demographics that too based on personalized insights. So if 2018 was the year when the digital marketers were taking a risk or experimenting with Artificial Intelligence, 2019 is going to be the year when it will undoubtedly be included in the marketing strategy.

4. Video marketing –

Years ago, Washington Post had predicted that by 2019, videos would account for 80% of all Internet traffic. And well it is true. Videos are practically ruling the digital market. It is proven that 90% of the people would prefer watching a video rather than reading the content. But the technology behind successful video marketing is delivering what your audience wants to see. According to the data, if a video is included in an email the click rate increase by 200-300%. And if it is added in the landing page the conversion rate increases almost by 80%. Video marketing is not a new thing, it has been used earlier too. But the way video marketing is being used now is changing the trends. Including Video marketing in your 2019, Digital Marketing Strategy will defiantly give you a plus point. Some of the important video trends that should be adopted are live videos, interactive videos, creative videos, etc.

5. Marketing Automation –

A technique that basically reduces all the hard work and saves time. Reaching out to several people across the globe at the same time is almost an impossible task. But not if you adopt the marketing automation tools. Automation has the ability to target multiple potential clients across various platforms. With the growing competition, everyone is in a hurry to capture the market and earn high profits as soon as possible. Therefore, in these fast running circumstances, the best way to make the most of the time and use the technology smartly to reap benefits, adopting marketing automation in your 2019 digital marketing strategy, will be profitable for you.

2018 has almost ended and 2019 is going to embark with full-fledged technological changes. If you have you survive in this race, you need to adopt the changes and follow the trends closely. With things like augmented reality and artificial intelligence, digital marketing is going to go to the next level. Planning your 2019 marketing strategy based on the latest trends will help you earn more profits and let you make a foothold in the market.

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