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Lead generation and growth marketing are one of the hottest topics that B2B people have most interested in. Lead generation can often be a haptic and tough process, as lead generation process and also the different stages and use of several different complex tools and techniques to acquire the most qualified and potentially beneficial leads to the business. For instance, lead generation is a process of identifying new and potential customers for your products or services.

In this article will try to show you the top three best business to business growth marketing and lead generation hacks, that will assist you to generate more business by identifying and evaluating the most qualified leads, and increase your revenue, for more better opportunities.

B2B Growth Marketing Lead Generation Hacks

1: Email-Marketing

Email marketing is often considered as a 19th-century-ish communicating technique that is outdated. But often email marketing is still the most convenient and effective channel of business to business marketing and lead generation. Email marketing rank number three on the top three communicating channels between professionals. Also, the click-through rate of business to business email marketing is much higher than the business to consumer email marketing. Approximately 86% of the professional’s marketers in the world utilizes email marketing. Also 59% of the professions B2B marketers say that email marketing is the most convenient and effective revenue-generating channel.

By now we know that email marketing is a very effective technique, but how do you incorporate that into your marketing channel and marketing strategy? That is a question where the majority of the marketers tracking and consolidated their issues, questions, and execution. There are several different tools and techniques which will language your email marketing campaign.

The first two we suggest is MailChimp. MailChimp is an online email marketing service that will enable you to send thousands of emails while maintaining subscribers list.

While doing email marketing is also important to note that you cannot send email to any person that you are having their email with, rather you have to get a permission sort of thing either in terms of an opt-in list, subscribers list all your heart to be in touch with that person. Sending and blasting emails via email harvesting is a considerable offense in the CAN-SPAM Act, so it is noted that you have to build up your email list first before an email marketing campaign.

2: LinkedIn

if you are a professional, you must be clearly aware of LinkedIn and its powers. LinkedIn is no doubt is the most useful professional network by millions of people around the world. And it is also a fact that 94% of professional B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation and growth marketing. In a study, it is found out that 7/10 professionals consider LinkedIn as the most trustworthy channel to share information about their organisation and working and also to build up their professional network.

LinkedIn offers many different sets of tools for professionals to build a new network close more deals. The best tool that we suggest from LinkedIn is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The LinkedIn sales Navigator is used by hundreds of different professionals from top-tier companies like Wipro, HCL, et cetera for the lead generation and revenue generation. The LinkedIn sales Navigator provides many features like in-mails, sales Navigator pipeline, exclusive company insights, build your network, etcetera.

3: Content Marketing

It is no doubt that content is the king. The better the content is the more engaging it will be, so why often most of the B2B marketers lack the content marketing side. In a survey is found out that content marketing reverts back three times per dollar spent then search marketing or searching and ads. The proper content marketing involves many different aspects of digital and inbound marketing, and bring down the standard and processes of the proper marketing technique that costs approximately 65% less than outbound marketing and generates three times more revenue.

The upcoming marketing will not be depending upon the AdWords and the conversion of AdWords, rather it will be depending upon the content. The business entities which are having their own blog reportedly generate 40% more revenue and leads than their counterparts.

Despite the merits of content marketing, it isn’t easy to incorporate content marketing into the workflow of an organization, rather one has to consult a content marketer consultant or any other professional related to content marketing for their proper strategy.

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