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Are you looking for the best PPC Agency for your business? 

Today the world of PPC Marketing is so crowded and in this crowd, it’s really difficult to find the right PPC Marketing Agencies. 

But don’t worry we are here to connect you with the right PPC Marketing Agencies. 

To get you the right PPC Marketing Company, we have shortlisted a couple of Adowrd India Agencies on certain parameters such as- 

  • Their services
  • Client base credentials and 
  • PPC agency pricing. 

Though organic marketing such as SEO, SMO, SEM are used to be the ultimate goal for every brand, but the world of PPC has its own glory.

Before heading towards top-class Google Adwords company, let’s quickly understand- 

Why Google Adwords and PPC Marketing is important for your business? 

google adwords


  • It provides first-page exposure. 
  • Provides immediate traffic. 
  • It allows you to reach more.
  • It allows you to target the right people. 
  • Because it allows you to test your ads easily.
  • It allows you to have Geo-Target Ads.

Today PPC Ads are extremely important, as PPC is being widely used to offer real-world solutions to skyrocket your business growth in a short period of time.

Further, google ads have become the right mediator to communicate your business further. 

Secondly, this is a platform that helps you to grow your business further and to get products and services right in front of the customers when they are searching for a specific product. 

But the question is do all businesses occupy Google Adwords SERP positions? If not then why? 

There can be several reasons for not getting a top spot in SERP results- 

  • You haven’t bid for the right keyword. 
  • Have stuffed negative keywords.
  • You are not working with Industry Experts. 
  • And many more…

Thus to get the desired outcomes always Go for Google Partner Agencies Only


Because most of the companies prefer working with Google Partner companies only, the other reasons are-

  • They have a team of experts, who are specially trained by Google itself. 
  • Secondly, Google Partner Agencies are highly skilled in demonstrating Google Ads skills to meet the Google Ad spend requirements. 

What are the Top 10 Google Ads Service Provider Company?

1. XtremeAds
It’s India’s best PPC service provider company with more than 10+ years of experience in managing Google and Facebook Ads.

Founded in the year 2010, Xtremeads is an independent Pay Per Click Advertising company. 
Since its inception, it has served more than 100 + projects.

2. Adword India


Rooted in Jaipur Rajasthan, Adword India is a leading Paid Ad Campaign Agency that specifically works to manage all kinds of PPC Campaigns. 

Whether you are looking to advertise locally or globally, Adword India puts all its efforts to reach your brand to the people at the right time.

Further, to deliver the top class outcomes, Adword India walks extra miles to cement the relationships.

3. PPC Position

PPC Position was the pure SEO company in the initial days. With the evolution of the digital era, it has added PPC Campaigns. 

PPC Position has dedicated Google Adwords certified team and believes in delivering the exact solutions as per the promises. 

With a bunch of mad thinkers, it delivers exceptional solutions when it comes to campaign management. 

4. AdwordsPPCExpert


It’s a Google certified PPC expert company in India.
AdwordsPPCExpert serves agencies and businesses with 100% focus when it comes to Google Adwords.

With Google Certified experts and artificial intelligence, it’s currently running 448 profitable PPC campaigns. 

It’s a leading Google Adwords PPC agency, which mainly focuses on Google Adwords.

5. Page Traffic


When it comes to conversion-oriented Google Ads, Page Traffic handles the campaigns very smartly so that you can spend your time growing your business. 

Page Traffic an award-winning company believes in providing end to end PPC Campaigns to meet the targets and every day you can get new and reliable customers. 

Till date, it has served 7000+ clients across 36 countries.

6. White Digital


A prestigious Google Premier award-winning company is today among the top PPC Advertising companies in India. 

Headquartered in Tamil Nadu, White Digital purely works on profitable digital advertising for businesses and agencies. 

Working closely with Google certified experts and artificial Intelligence today White Digital is successfully running 488 profitable PPC Campaigns. 

7. Oxedent

Oxedent always focuses on crafting long-lasting solutions, building emotional connections and Brand Loyalty. 

Providing unique solutions is what Oxedent believes in. Oxedent has worked with more than 100+ companies and has experience in all industries. 

Today Oxedent is trusted by hundreds of companies and business owners around the world are among one of the best PPC Advertisement Agencies.

8. BriefKase

It’s a digital marketing agency for SME, High Growth startups and Large Businesses. 

BriefKase has exposure in PPC Advertising since its inception and is a pioneer in handling all types of PPC Campaigns. 

The team of Briefkase is extremely professional right from the start and always focus on delivering excellent results.

9. AdsTriangle
Headquartered in the USA and operating at multi-level in India.

AdsTriangle creates, manages, and delivers top-performing PPC Campaigns to boost your revenue and ROI.

It professionally manages all kinds of Paid Advertising to deliver top-class solutions to its clients.

10. eBrandz

An award-winning Digital Marketing Agency, which specifically works on SME Marketing. 

It’s a pioneer in providing Search Marketing Services. It’s also been listed among top SEO firms globally by Marketing Tech Insights Magazine.


Though there are several methods to rank your site, as you know free promotional results can only bring results but if you want to get great results for business then you need to seriously try your hands on paid methods such as Google Adwords.

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