Media is the topmost powerful and popular tool in marketing field. If you are looking for instant hike in your brand popularity than you can select this as the first option in your list. Media basically uses two techniques, one is broadcasting and another is narrow casting (print media).

Broadcasting media is the one which is used to give live information to its users, some of its mediums are televisions, online radio, IP radio, live streaming using internet etc.

Narrow casting or Print media are mediums like newspaper, magazine, books etc. which helps you to mark your presence amongst the local or state level citizens.

Apart from this, Social Media is also very popular which is nothing but the combination of both narrow and broad casting. You can stream live events, shows etc and you can read articles which have been written a decade ago.

Drive Digital will help you in giving an instant hike to your brand popularity, product promotion etc. We have a dedicated team for promotion using all three types of media. We have deep roots in this fields.


Broadcasting Media:-

We are in the business from last 11 yrs, and we have a complete marketing plan keeping in mind your target audience, market and course of the budget. Our strategy will help you in impacting maximum target audience.

We use television promotions, radio promotions, IP radio promotions and internet broadcasting.


You might be aware of the growing popularity of different social media platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. These days social media channels are more popular, compared to newspapers and broadcasting marketing channels. Therefore promoting your company on social media will definitely increase your popularity. We have a dedicated team for each most popular social media platforms. Digital Drive is one of the talent agency which will help you create your brand become popular than ever.

Paper media (Narrow broadcasting)

Paper Media has a limited reach but very effective and can target very specific audience. Even a single person also. We have a tie-up with almost all the type of paper media providers to make your reach as broad as you can and as much specific as you want.

We use several mediums like newspapers, magazine, yellow pages, community newsletter, outdoor advertisement, brochure etc. We have pocket-friendly plans to make your brand popular in local as well as international Geo-locations.

Some of the techniques we are using are:-

  • Social media optimization
  • Social media marketing
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