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Social Media Strategy for your Business

Hello everyone in today’s article we are going to talk about how lack of social media strategy is killing your business and how Best Social Media Marketing and SMO services based company can help you in avoiding it.

Before knowing about this let us know about the purpose of a business. In my opinion, the ultimate aim of every company to gain maximum and maximum profit. It’s on the company how they approach in doing so.

Some company focuses on directly reaching to the costumes, while others first focus on building brand value and attract customers towards them.

The Market is changing so is the way of marketing. Marketers are shifting their path from traditional marketing towards Digital Marketing.

There are many aspects of digital marketing, but here we are going to focus on social media. People are rushing towards social media platforms, because of the presence of the huge user base there.

People from every age group are present on social media. Marketers can target anyone on the social media platform. There are some disadvantages of social media platforms. Which is killing the business of many people? Let’s talk about them.

There are many ways in which social media is killing the business, but here we are going to talk about the best among them.

Eight among them

1. Cross-platform auto post- we all know about auto posting. In the beginning, everyone thought it’s a good thing. But slowly it becomes a curse for business. It’s not necessary that a content which is good for Facebook must be good for other social media platforms.

2. Stealing content (without crediting)- Lot of businesses these days, posting videos and other posts downloading it from somewhere else. It’s not only embarrassing if you are caught, but it can also raise a legal issue against you.

3. Sharing video links on Facebook- Facebook is giving competition to YouTube in a number of videos uploaded. But giving a link of the video on Facebook is not a good idea, because people on Facebook to interact with more posts and photos. so it’s a very less chance that someone will open the link for watching a video.

4. Over hashtagging- Relevancy is very important in case of having to tag. Lots of Has tag makes you look spammy and too desperate. Use the relevant hashtags for the good of your business otherwise, it will lead your business on the negative side.

5. Filming vertically- As the name suggests, that hold your phone horizontally while shooting any marketing video. No one watch your video if you make it vertically or a shaky video, so try to avoid it.

6. Not sharing blog content on social media- Traffic coming from social media has a huge impact on the ranking of your website. So not sharing your blog content will not lead your social media Traffic to your Website which can be bad for your business.

7. No social media sharing button- Sharing button is also very important. Because it will also lead your customers to your website. And if it is not present there your good customer can go somewhere else. so, social media sharing button is very important.

8. Blindly spending on ads- The biggest mistake is spending blindly on boosting of ads. The SMO services base companies spend a lot in ad boosting for bringing lots of inorganic traffic to their page.

They don’t understand that inorganic traffic will not become their customers. All the money they are spending on ad boosting will go in vain.

So, in my opinion, these are the major reasons that how social media is killing the business of many people. Being the Best digital marketing company in Jaipur, we avoid all the above and hundreds of other mistakes.


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