May 13, 2019 By: Prakash Yadav

Google Knowledge Panel! Seems like a heavy word. It is rather a heavy word but a very important one. Especially for local businesses. Ok you have been reading and following my previous articles, so you must be aware about all the importance of appearing on the first page of Google.

There are quite a few other search engines out there, but Google is the giant. And I am sure you would agree with me. So when your business appeare on the first page of Google, automatically your business grows. The best thing about Google is, it keeps changing and experimenting every now and then. And I think precisely that is the reason for marking its authority over other search engine. Since its inception, a lot of new things were introduced by Google, like snippets, schema markups, zero ranking, PAA (people also ask), etc

Now the new trend or though not so new but the latest in the talks is about the Google Knowledge Panel. Have you ever tried to come into the good books of anyone? If yes, then I am sure you can understand, what I am trying to say. Imagine, you want to showcase yourself in the knowledge panel of something that provides information and knowledge to the entire world. Well, it is not as difficult as it sounds.
Today I am going to tell you all about

What is Google knowledge panel and how you can earn from it?

Google knowledge panel is the information that appears on the right side of the page when you search for something. The information provided in the box is basically a summary about any business. It provides the overview of the business, its contact info, link to website, link to map direction, hour of opening, reviews, photos and a lot more thing.

What is Google knowledge panel and how you can earn from it?

So if a visitor is looking for you on Google and in this knowledge panel, if there is incomplete information it will give a wrong impression and he might not visit your website. More negative impact will be, when he is searching for your business and no knowledge panel appears at all. Things are moving very fast and with the growing changes, the customers have become very smart. They look for every information, before they finalize to visit your site.

Now you might be wondering.

How can I get my business to appear in the Google knowledge panel?

Though for Google, it is only the knowledge panel, but it can be categorised into two:

  1. Local knowledge panel
  2. Branded/personal knowledge panel

get my business to appear in the Google knowledge panel

The process of listing both types into the Google’s right panel is a little different. To place a local business into the knowledge panel, the Google My Business or GMB as it is popularly known is enough. But for a branded one or personal knowledge panel, things are a little different. Hope you know that it is not lucky chit type thing that Google picks up and you might appear in the panel. Who appears on the first page and the Google knowledge panel, is all decided by the Google algorithms.

Local knowledge panel:

For your business to appear in the local knowledge panel, you will first have to:

  • Create a Google My Business account
  • Verify that you are the owner
  • Add or edit all the relevant information about your business like overview, contact information, website, etc

When you are done with all this, Google decides whether your business should appear in the knowledge panel or not.

Local knowledge panel

Google’s algorithm, decides on a few basis like, the relevancy of your business, location or distance, prominence, etc. Another important factor that can add to the chances of knocking to the Google algorithm is amazing website with complete search engine optimization.

Branded/personal knowledge panel

Branded or personal knowledge panel is a little different than local business. However it solely depends on Google to decide, whether your business should have a branded knowledge panel or not. There is no particular way to apply for a personal knowledge panel but chances increases for businesses who has a wikipedia page. If Google thinks your business is authoritative enough and has some more valuable inputs than other businesses, you could get a place at the Google knowledge panel.

How to increase your chances of appearing in the Google knowledge panel?

Appearing on Google knowledge panel is not easy, but do not be disheartened, it is not that difficult also. You just have to walk an extra mile to achieve it. But trust me it will be worth it. I am listing down a few practice that might help. The more you follow them, the more your chances increase.

Get your business on Wikipedia:

Google highly depends on Wikipedia. Having a Wikipedia page or even an article there, authenticates your business. Adding some historical or social significance about your business will add to the cause.

Citation campaign also helps

Make sure which ever relevant and authoritative local sites and industry specifications sites Google looks at has your business information also. This means that if any business is already in the good books of Google, and you having a foot hold their increase your chance. Creating a good image across the internet, signals Google that you are authentic and genuine.

Develop a freebase entry

Freebase is a collection of data or call it an open source of all the important or famous places, people or things.
In 2010 when Google acquired Metabase, it got this curated database. Creating a presence on the freebase, again gets you a step closer to Google knowledge panel.

Try authoritative news sources

Try to get your name on authentic and authoritative online news sources. Once you are mentioned on these news channels, Google believes in your authenticity. Increase Google’s trust as it looks for business mention on such channels.

Create branded links

Generate some content that displays links on your site with your company’s name with anchor text from genuine Google recognised websites. Though it is said that creating backlinks do not help much, but trust me, you should go for it.

Gather some genuine reviews

Though this could be a little time taking, but it is worth it. Displaying genuine reviews is a way of showing Google that you are alive and that your customers think good of you. But this does not mean you ask your friends and family to post phoney reviews about your local business. Google is smart enough to differentiate.

Getting all this done all by yourself can be a little tiresome. Plus you need to be an expert to get this all straight. So it is always best to get things done by someone who knows to play around with Google. You will not blame me for recommending this name, but I would suggest Drive Digital for this.

Drive Digital will help you optimize your Google knowledge panel

Drive Digital has been into the business for quite some time now and understands exactly how to get things done. Another reason for recommending this name is, it knows perfectly what the client is looking for and how to get it done. Like I stated earlier, you should follow some tactics to get enlisted in the Google algorithms. And Drive Digital helps you do exactly the same. Apart from other services Drive Digital specializes in ORM – Online Reputation Management. ORM plays an important role to make sure that you maintain your positive and good reputation on the internet. For this Drive Digital helps you in the following ways:

  • Build a robust strategy to not just build but maintain good reputation online.
  • After building your reputation, Drive Digital also makes sure to protect it.
  • Make strategies and implement them to improve online reviews and ratings.
  • Fixing and keeping your Google information up to date.
  • Increases the social presence. Drive Digital optimizes and manages your brand awareness on all social platforms.
  • Optimized local listing on high DA websites to build authentic backlinks and brand reputation.
  • Creating and maintaining the Google My Business (GMB)

Drive Digital will help you optimize

In short, Drive Digital does everything to make sure that Google recognises your local or branded business and display you in the Google knowledge panel.

How to Create a Knowledge Panel for Your Organization?

Getting on the first page of Google and knowledge panel is all a game of Google algorithms. And to get into the algorithms you need to go an extra mile. Let me explain how to create a knowledge panel for your organization. Google keeps updating the algorithms, Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and Pigeon.

Google’s main aim is to enhance and build a knowledge database for all mankind through the search engine that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. People usually dislike the constant updates, but it is not to derank your website but to provide authentic and reliable information. In short you will get a place on Google only if you are genuine. Do not manipulate your business information. Well, there is another factor that can get you to the algorithms and hence to the knowledge panel.

How to Create a Knowledge Panel

That is the connection between search results and knowledge panel. According to a research, 80% of the web traffic is a result of the search queries on the search engines. The more people search for you, the more you appear in the results, if your site is search engine optimized. And if you appear more in the results, your chances of appearing in the right hand side knowledge panel also increases.
Since Google is collecting millions of information and data from all possible places. This means that sometimes the keywords used by you can be confusing for Google. This means that you have to be very clear and specific about your content and keywords that you use.

For example if you are an IT company dealing in solving bugs, you ought to add specific keywords like website bug solving or application bug solving. Because if you use only bug solving, Google could pick up only bug and classify you as something related to bugs or insects. In short you need to be clear in your description and meta description. Make sure you explain clearly what you do, to Google and not confuse it.

Many data sources are scraped, but not all information is displayed

Since Google’s main aim is to collect as much as authentic knowledge and provide it to the mankind, it goes to any extent to create reliable database. And in order to create this knowledge database, the search engine does a lot of things. One of them is data scraping or web scraping. Google with the help of some codes and tools, scraps the entire web and collect relevant information in its database.

Many data sources are scraped,

This is though a smart measure, but can fallback sometimes. Since it is after all the tools that is doing all the scrapping work, it can get a little messy sometimes. Though it collects all the information but many information is not displayed. To avoid this happening with your website you should do the following things:

  • Data scraping tools cannot handle heavy and complex webpages. So try avoiding dynamic JavaScript and AJAX Codes.
  • The tools still do not have the capacity to extract large scale data. Try avoiding million of data on your site.
  • The tools have limited customization options. In short as long as your site is in line with the tool’s capacity, all is well. But if it extends than you are in problem.
  • Avoid unwanted HTML Tags or texts.

Though data scraping has been really useful to create the knowledge database, but it can hit otherwise also sometimes. If your data is scrapped by the data scraper tools, you are still in luck to be featured in the knowledge panel.
But if some relevant information skips data scraping, they you may have to suffer the drawbacks.

Try not doing anything or adding anything that is not too friendly with data scraping tools. Because if you miss to enter there, you miss the entry into algorithms data and hence can fail to appear on Google knowledge panel. Google can literally make or break your future. Apply all the tactics and knowledge to appear in the Google’s knowledge panel. Try the techniques and let me know which one worked the best for you.

Good luck!

Do let me know, if you want to read an article on any other topic, I will do all the research and get back to you.

Thank you!

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