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Nowadays digital marketing is at boom. Each and every company is fighting for the space and fame on the social media handles. Digital marketing has changed the trend as everyone is marketing their products and services digitally. It is so easy to promote your product to the most relevant customer through internet.

Some interesting facts about digital marketing:-

  • A Billion Dollar Industry On Instagram:

Yes, you heard it right. A billion dollar industry exist in digital marketing that is influence marketing. As instagram is approaching to 1 billion users, so more brands are investing their dollars on the ads to the platform.

Influencer are playing a great role in this as a large group of people are following influencers and their work which has multiplied the searches by 198x (times) and is continuously growing.

  • Video Content Will Rule In The Coming Years:

According to many publishers video content will greatly outperform in many social media handles in coming years. To match the level of the market investors are suggested to spend more on video content.

They need to update themselves with the trend.

Everyone is switching to web streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. Cable TV have lost many of it’s subscriber in the past years and web’s most popular streaming service Netflix have added 8 million subscribers in the final quarter of 2017.

  • Google And Facebook Are The Game Changer:

Facebook and Google the dynamic duo is at the top by earning $117 billions in advertisement revenue, more than any traditional media i.e. newspaper, radio, magazine combined.

The way nowadays, consumer are accessing the news is very different from the past and the number is clearly reflecting the behaviour of the consumer. About one third of the entire online community is using social media for accessing news.

  • Relevancy Is The Key To Success:

Content with relevant images and videos get more views. People get attracted to visual content, adding videos and images increase the engagement on the post or the blog.

Visual content has become one of the strategy for content marketing. Image and the content go hand in hand as consumer prefer image rich content which makes it attractive and engaging.

  • Time To Go Digital:

Every company is switching to digital media as around 70% of total marketing budget is invested in digital marketing. It is all because of the reachability and accessibility. You will find your target audience just beside you with the help of social media.

According to top digital marketers, digital marketing will boost rapidly in the coming years. Companies are demanding digital marketing to promote their product and services which have given rise to a brand new era of digital marketing.

  • Average Consumer Attention Span Is Decreasing:

Average consumer attention span has decreased to 8 seconds. Consumer tends to switch the website if the load time is more or the content creation is weak.

Company should optimise their website precisely which will decrease the load time. Proper formatting is also a reason of low consumer attention as it becomes hard to operate the website and confusing too.

  • Youtube Is Conquering The Duo:

The duo (Facebook and Twitter) are defeated by youtube in term of engagement and bounce rate. Youtube has a strong database of about 1.5 billion users, one-third of the total population using the internet.

Youtube has more engagement than facebook, twitter or any other prominent social media handle. Youtube deals with the visual content which is eye candy for the users. Engagement is inversely proportional to bounce rate. Higher the engagement, lower will be the bounce rate.

  • Video Is Overtaking The Written Content:

In a survey, it was found that people prefer video content over the written content as written content becomes boring. Out of 5 people, 4 said that video content about product or service of a company is more engaging. The company should pay more attention toward the video content.

  • Youth Will Rule The Social Media:

There are millions of Millennials (adults in the early 21st century) who are spending their time on the internet. These people between 21-35 age have crossed the babies in terms of population and are the biggest living generation.

They are known for the quick adoption towards the technologies. Companies target them through social media as they can be their potential customer.

  • Search Engine Optimisation Is The Game Plan:

Around 60% of marketers say that improving their SEO technique is their top marketing priority. SEO is a form of inbound marketing that should be taken seriously as the search engine algorithm.

Changing the algorithm continuously which is making a tough job for the expert to cope up with the changing trend. The best way to defeat this beast is to implement off page and on page techniques.

We hope these techniques will help you in expanding your business on digital platforms. For more information you can contact Drive Digital or leave any suggestion in the comment box below.

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