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Speed Optimization of a website

Hello everyone!!! Today in this blog we are going to discuss how we can reduce the loading time of our website. We will discuss the factors that help, how to speed optimization plays a major role and what are the benefits of reducing the loading time.

Day by day Google is adding new updates to its search engine to show the most optimized content to its users. Loading time is one of the factors used by Google for ranking the websites. SEO analysts work day and night on Speed Optimization of their website so that they can reduce the loading time.

Let’s talk about the factors which help in reducing the loading time of a website:-

Minimum HTTP requests: – Stats says that 80% of the total loading time is used in a loading of images, style scripts, flash etc. For reducing the loading time, you should streamline the elements on your page. Use CSS instead of images whenever possible.

Reduce server request time: – The target server request time should 200ms. Google recommends using a web application monitoring solution and checking for bottlenecks in performance.

Enable compression: – Large pages are of about 100kb or more, which make them take a long time for downloading. Instead use them as a zip file to reduce their size, which is known as compression.

Enable browsing cache: – When a user comes to your website and it takes same amount of time to show content every time. Enabling browsing cache helps you to store some data on the visitor’s computer temporally. which reduces the loading time when they next time visit your website.

Optimize your CSS files: – CSS files load before users see your site, so optimizing your CSS file will surely reduce the loading time of the website. You should Minimize Your CSS Files and get rid of the free spaces in your style sheets.

Fix your broken links: – Broken links bring the wasteful request to your website. You have to fix these broken links to reduce the loading time of your website.

There are many other aspects also which help in reducing the loading time of a website. But in my opinion, these are the 6 major aspects which affect the speed of a website. Speed optimization plays a major role in ranking if your website will take less time to open it will rank high on search engines. There are other benefits of speed optimization also like many users usually close the website if it is taking too long to load. Maybe you are missing one of your customers. I can say reducing the load time brings more traffic to your website help your website rank higher.

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