How to go viral on instagram 2017?

Oct 16, 2017 By: drivedigital

Instagram is an application where internet-based photos, videos and locations sharing from smartphones, tablets, laptops. This site also provides to visitor share photos and videos either publicly and privately. Users can connect their Instagram account to other social networking sites and social media profiles, enabling them to share photos to those profiles as well.


How to post on Instagram:

First of all, pull up the Instagram app on your Smartphone or tablet, or, if you are using a PC, visit the Instagram website. Make sure you are using the latest version of Instagram to take benefit of the program’s newest format and features. If you don’t have an Instagram user profile, go ahead and sign up. Registering for an Instagram account only takes a few minutes, or even less if you choose to import your information from Facebook. Go to the post you want to share your comments on or an existing comment you wish to respond to in the comments section. Comments are organized in a drop list underneath each post. There, you’ll be able to view comments and see who posted them and when. Hit the comment button and type your comment. Press or click on the button directly underneath the photo or video. This will pull up a blank bar and you’ll be prompted to begin typing your comment. Once you’ve typed out your comment, click on Post icon to the right of the text bar. Your comment will be posted publicly once you’ve pressed this icon. Take a minute to read over your comment to see if there are any typographical errors or inflammatory language before posting it. Another user will be able to see and respond to comments you make publicly. If you make a mistake or no longer want your comment to appear on the post, swipe the comment to the left and tap the red trash can icon.


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