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Social media is the backbone of online marketing. With the advancement in technologies, it has become all the more approachable, flexible and highly targeted than before.

Social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. all are exceptional and useful in their own way.  They have different style working platforms but their motive is the same i.e. networking and connecting with the desired individuals or group of people.

The thing about all these networking platforms is that they are easily accessible by everyone. Due to this reason businesses can use them to mark their presence in front of the right audience and at the right time.

Discussing the benefits and advantages of social media is a story of the past. Everyone knows about it. Now it is time to think and operate social media platforms from a business point of view.

The question in this situation that arises is:

How to get the business noticed on social media?

Well, there can be many ways of doing this, but some of the important ones are:

By making the content authentic and approachable:

Fresh content is always refreshing. Do you know anybody who appreciates duplicate content? For a reader duplicate content always leaves a poor impression.

So, be authentic. Have an approach that can inspire the reader to get more engaged and keep them interested in whatever that you have to say.

The language must be easy and understandable by everyone. Keep in mind to give people a fair chance and write the stuff that the business actually stands for.

Engage with potential customers and the existing ones on a whole new level:

Content has to be engaging that’s the first rule but social media platforms talk without words too i.e. by images and emoji.

In this world where everyone is in a hurry, we need to be more skillful in choosing the right emoji and image where needed, so that without reading people can hear what you have to say.

Using these effectively can engage people and make a lasting impact. Options like poll is an interesting way to get a glimpse of the audience behavior and to engage with them.

We can also run a contest, which requires the least effort but make an adrenal rush in the audience.

Post like ‘give this a tag, type yes if you agree, your opinion, share your story’ and others, which gives an opportunity to the viewer to express, also prove good and impactful.

Connect with Influencers.

Influencers are the people who are powerful enough to impact a certain number of people who follows them. They can be targeted on a particular subject.

Businesses can use these influencers to promote their product or to create brand awareness. Influencer marketing helps a lot in building brand credibility as well.

Giveaway something for free:

Who doesn’t like low price, heavy discounts and free gifts? Have you noticed the crowd in malls, restaurants, etc. at times when they give their service at a low price? Pay less and Get more is a basic demand, which never goes out of fashion.

Blogging and E-Newsletters:

Give the right and relevant information through blogging and e-newspapers. Tagging the business website and landing pages in the blog helps in increasing the rank of the business website and pages on the Google search.

Social Media has almost become like a lab. There are thousands of ways waiting to be explored and experimented. It is one medium that will give you an assured return.

The only thing you need to do is walk on the right track. Beat your competitors and increase your ROI by including these tactics in your next plan for social media marketing.

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