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Most common keywords basically calculate the words used most in the content and the number of time it is used. This helps to identify if the right keywords are used or not.

Keywords play a very important role in any content and especially website content.

These are the words that decide the ranking on the search engine pages. Therefore it is extremely important to know what words the potential customers might use to land on the website.

There are different ways to decide, which are the best keywords fit for your website. Some of them are:

How to decide best keywords?

  • Lookout for the words used by competitors
  • Use free tools to determine the keywords
  • Keep it simple
  • Look for what customers might type

Keywords are nothing but the language that might match the language a customer uses while looking for any website. This is more of a common sense job rather than an algorithm statistics. However, free tools are much help.

So the best way to pass the most common keyword test is:

  • Search for the right keywords
  • Stuff the keywords into the content (1 – 2% only)
  • Use the free tools to check the keyword density checker

Stuffing the content with the right keywords is necessary but overstuffing may put the content into spam. It is advised to use only 1 – 2 percent of the keywords in accordance with your content length.

Some of the free keyword generator tools are:

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