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Meta Title in HTML

Meta Title is the HTML tag that defines the title of your page. Basically, this title is the shortest and the most precise way to tell the search engines and visitors what the web page is all about. Therefore, you have to be sure that it is

  • SEO friendly
  • Defines your page in a few words
  • Get the right traffic to your page

It looks something like this in its raw form:

<title> Digital Marketing Company | Best Digital Marketing Agency in India </title>

One of the most important things to keep in mind while setting Meta Title is its length. Google usually cuts the longer titles and display only half of it. So it is always good to stick between 50 – 60 characters for a Meta Title.

Some more tips for a good Meta Title are:

  • Keep the title in sentence case (initials of every word in uppercase)
  • Write a unique title
  • Target a primary keyword
  • Find a long tail keyword for your primary keyword

If you have a keyword in mind – good. If you don’t you can look for the right keyword here –

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