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What is Meta Description ?

A Meta Description is what defines the title and the content of the web page. It is an HTML tag that shows the content below the title on the search engine pages. The description should be short and should be visible on the search engine pages.

It looks something like this:

how to fix meta description

Meta Description in coding looks like this:

<head><meta name=”description” content= Digital Marketing Company | We help to Grow Your Business – Exceed Your Marketing Goals , Premier Digital Marketing Agency in Jaipur, </meta name> </head>

The content in the red box is the meta description. In order to be visible on the search engines pages a few things should be kept in mind:

  • Keep it 1-2 sentence (150 – 160 characters maximum)
  • Do not forget to include the keyword used in the Meta Title
  • Write a unique description (Do not used copied content)
  • Should be able to describe the web page in short
  • Write it with the intention of getting more clicks

Here are some free tools to check if the Meta Description fits the rules to appear on the search engine pages:

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