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What are Broken links?

Broken links are the links on the website that no longer exists or are changed. These types of links usually lead to page not found error.

Broken links may not be too big a trouble, but they affect the ranking on search engine pages. The search bots crawl the broken link pages as well, this by default dips the websites to a lower level.

The best way to avoid being deranked by search engines bots is to fix the broken links. It can be a tedious task to open all the coding and check for it, but there are several tools available to make the task easier.

There can be an error on the coding and links sometimes due to typing errors as well. A letter extra or missing can also result in broken link as the bots will not be able to locate that link.    

Check if the website has any broken links here:

One thing to keep in mind about broken links is that they can keep repeating. It does not mean that if once the broken link is fixed, it might not repeat. Continuous maintenance and changes in the website content and links (internal as well as external) can lead to repeated broken links.

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