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Artificial Intelligence has been in the talks for quite some time now. And the speed at which it is capturing the market of digital marketing, there is no doubt that AI is the next big thing. Artificial Intelligence is nothing but an artificial mind that is created to make the work easier for human minds. If we go by the dictionary definition, Artificial Intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.
Now comes the question, how this technology is bringing a revolution in Digital Marketing. AI is literally transforming the way digital marketing works. It collects the data, analyzes it, applies it and then learns from it. Let us understand a little more, how this technology is actually impacting the way digital marketers reach out in the market.

1. Better User Experience –

With the use of AI, the prediction of a buyer’s behaviour, search cycles, buyer persona, etc have become a lot easier. Any user is likely to visit a site more regularly which offers him a better customer experience. It is obvious that if a user is getting instant help and answers to all his queries, would visit any site more compared to the ones not giving them on the spot support. AI understand the behaviour of any user and answers back accordingly. Chatbots are the best example for this. All that a user has to do is, ask a question and AI is there to assist them. According to the data, about 38% of consumers believe that AI will improve customer service, according to Page. Sites using AI is almost like giving a personal assistant to each of their users to help and assist them in better decision making. This in return is increasing the ROI at double the speed.

2. AI Requires Little To No Human Intervention –

As a marketer, you definitely have put aside a considerable amount of your budget for marketing. Most of you would also be spending a lot on pay per click ads via AdWords. The data collected is either managed in-house or given to a third party. But now with Ai into the scene, things have become a lot easier to handle. AI needs very little or no human interference at all. It easily discovers new ad channels and audiences, optimizes targeting techniques and manages all media purchasing to ensure the best investment possible. It is not only beneficial to enhance user experience and drive more traffic. But it is also useful for the marketers using AI as it, more or less all the data managing work and also gives an appropriate suggestion for further decision making.

3. Personalized Connection –

Any customer would be happy to receive a more personalized message from its favourite brands. But, to practically think of it, even if you have an entire team of writers and designers working at your disposal 24×7, it would nearly be impossible to send a personalized message to the endless list of subscribers. Well, this may not be the case with AI. Artificial Intelligence with its advanced techniques, tracks the email subscriber’s preferences wish lists, open rate and the time they spend on the content on your site. After analyzing all this, they send a personalized well-drafted message to all your subscribers. And while doing all this, AI does not miss out to maintain your brand individuality. This personalized connection with each one of your customers, not only builds a long and trustworthy relationship with the existing clients but also attracts the new ones.

4. Sales Forecasting and Customer’s Behaviors –

Artificial Intelligence can literally predict what your customers are likely to do next and accordingly how will be the sales. Isn’t it amazing and surprising at the same time? Imagine all the things you could do, if you knew well in advance what is going to happen next. AI analyzes the customer’s behaviour and accordingly anticipates its future need. As a digital marketer, if you exactly knew your customer needs well in advance, you will have enough time to plan your marketing strategies accordingly and produce more effective results. Adding to this, if you know your market well, sales forecasting becomes more accurate. So, ultimately, AI is not just helping you to prepare your next marketing plan according to your buyer’s point of view. But it also helps you plan according to the likely future sales results.

5. Image Recognition –

The new feature of image recognition is actually changing the way things are done while calculating the demographics. Almost every second person is using Facebook. This social platform offers a feature to tag your friends. Well, it just does not offer the feature, but it recognizes the faces and gives you name suggestion while tagging. This is the image recognition technology. Now imagine the wonders it can do, if you used it with demographics. Artificial Intelligence, using the image recognition technique can classify buyer demographics like age, gender, location etc. This will help you make a more informed decision based on the insights provided by Artificial Intelligence, that no other technology provides.

Like stated earlier, Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing, it continues to grow and will be bringing a revolution in the way digital marketing works, for some more years to come. Including Artificial Intelligence into your marketing strategy will undoubtedly be beneficial for your customers to have a better experience and give your business the insights it needs to succeed and reach the next level. Whether it’s dynamic price optimization or automatic selection of ad copy based on the user demographics, AI has the power to do it all. AI is set to save marketers and businesses both time and money.

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