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Digital marketing is one of the biggest trends right now.

Nowadays, from brand promotion to operations in a hospital, everything is going digital.

We are all surrounded by a lot of machines and different technologies. And these machines and technologies are updated and upgraded every other day. But the good thing is, all the trends and changes are now just a click away. Thanks to digital marketing.

Life is now a Digital Life!


Everything we can imagine is now going digital, you name it and you have it.

And do you know what? There is a great reason behind it.

Digital marketing makes things very easy and convenient. And to add on, it is not as risky as traditional marketing. In digital marketing, you can mark and measure all your work, which of course was not possible with traditional marketing.

This is just the beginning. In the coming years, digital marketing will change the face of marketing and will open up a new era of marketing.

Let’s see some of the Digital Marketing Trends that will rule the world:

1. Artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence has already made some significant improvement in the field of Medical technology, Robotics, Biotechnology, etc.

Next, it is expected to take over simpler jobs which are managed by humans right now.

AI today is interactive, responsive and can be easily personalized. More and more businesses are adopting AI to boost their businesses, especially with the help of Chatbots.

2. Chatbots

A chatbot is one of the best examples of Artificial Intelligence Algorithm.

Chatbots are increasingly being used in direct communications or interaction with customers.

Chatbots basically, understand and adopt the way humans communicate, stores the data and then answer back accordingly. Many companies are using this technique today. The best advantage of chatbots is, it is available 24*7 and keeps the customers engaged.

It is used for both business to business (B2B) and business to consumers (B2C).  

3. Voice search

voice search

Voice Search has created a new wave in the digital world. It is like the next big thing in the digital marketing era.

Virtual assistants have become advanced and easy with time and this will continue to upgrade.

The increment in penetration of high-speed internet and smartphones has enabled the way for voice search to grab one-third of the share of searches done on Google.

4. Machine learning

Machine Learning is so much involved in Digital Marketing that it can give growth up to 10% and it’s a big figure.

Digital marketers have started to rely on machine learning to create their marketing strategies.

Programs can understand the behavior patterns of consumers and then analyze the data to create an impeccable experience for users.

Here are some ways any digital marketer can use machine learning.

  • Target content
  • SEO
  • Reduce churn rate

5. Videos

In today’s time, videos are considered to be the most engaging content.

The fact that visual content is more attractive and engaging, compared to written content, is now coming to the front. Digital marketing words according to the trends and demands of the customer.

Taking this into consideration, digital marketers are also now moving their tracks from written to more visual content.

Everyone is on social media watching different types of videos- like funny, informative, social activity, news and many more and each one of which is part of some digital marketing campaign.

6. Influencer marketing

Influence marketing is not a new concept but it was not of much importance earlier, as it is now.

It has given marketing a new level and face.

Digital influencers have large and diverse followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more digital/social platform.

Marketers can tap into this crowd by getting their message across with the help of the influencers to get the word out. This way of spreading brand awareness is going to be on the forefront now, more than ever before.

7. Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

virtual reality drive digital

Virtual Reality is an artificially crafted reality that allows the users to immerse into different experiences and emotions virtually.

Companies are using virtual reality to sell unique experiences to their customers as well as raise brand awareness with innovative campaigns.

On the other hand, Augmented reality is one more digital layer over reality.

Augmented reality also allows one to immerse themselves in unique experiences.

Many organizations or companies have experimented with AR to drive their marketing campaigns.

For example, “Pokemon Go” captured the whole mobile gaming market so rapidly. This game was based on Augmented Reality.

8. Personalization

There are so many brands in the market that are competing against each other.

So, how do you think you your brand can stand out from the rest? Personalization is the more convincing and latest answer which is driving all digital efforts worldwide.

But how can a marketer create a personalized experience for a consumer sitting on the other side of the screen? This demands for personalized content.

Building new and out of the box, creative ideas is what is going to keep your boat sailing. Give a personal and emotional touch to everything thing, that you put out in the market. This will help you build new relations and strengthen the existing ones.

So, these are some of the trends that will rule the digital marketing in the upcoming era. Be prepared and gear up yourselves with all these technologies and trends, so that you way ahead of your competitor.
Feel free to add on your own points and suggestions that you think can add up to this blog. You also add some topics, that you would like to read the next blog on and we would set out team on foot.

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