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Nowadays marketing in the digital world has evolved totally. There was a time when all the advertisements were done by the newspaper, television, etc. Now, with every passing day, things are getting common after advanced people like to walk with the trend.

Social media like Facebook pages and Twitter feeds are overcrowded nowadays.

So, when you are ready to implement your digital marketing strategy, how can you prepare yourself for the war?

Let’s tell you there is a secret of successful digital marketing, in the right place, at the right time, with the right tactics and ideas in front of the right people.

Some examples of successful digital marketing.

  • Target the right audience

Make one thing clear Facebook is not a one-tablet solution for all online diseases. Not even Twitter, Insta or other social media platforms.

The main thing you should do to identify your audience is, think about where they are likely to give their time online and then go on building a presence in those very areas.

In short, “who” and “where” is a very important thing when you need to target the right audience.


target right audience



Example: You must have heard about “Uber App”, it focuses on mobile-savvy professionals who never mind paying a little extra to travel in style and convenience.

So they made a brilliant app that made booking an Uber ride extremely quick and convenient. Uber is now a success story praised by many and studied in depth.

  • Pay attention to the important numbers

Getting lots of visitors to your website should not be the “End Game”. What actually counts is how much visitors are converting. How many of them read your blogs, give their reviews or simply fill out a form you wished they would?

The same thing is with Facebook likes. Storing thousands of fans on Facebook, though great by itself and no mean feat doesn’t help your bottom line.

Example: Pink Cake Box, a cake shop, they began by setting up a WordPress website and blog. They regularly post about their delicious cakes and cupcakes, keeping the focus on the pictures to attract the viewers.

And it worked, traffic grew and orders with it.

  • Project clear goals and corresponding messages

Is your different marketing channels presenting mixed messages? Do you know – high bounce rate on your website could raise a red flag? Is your landing page not delivering what was expected, is it driving the visitor away? Then you are losing your valuable money and potential of your customers.

For every digital marketing agency, you should keep your goals clear and measurable and messages on point, when executing your digital marketing strategy.

Example: DigiHunts Academy is one of the best institutes to offer many courses for becoming a perfect Digital Marketing champion.

Its vision is to become the best institute to provide the best education about digital marketing and make many professionals.


digihunts academy - digital marketing institute


The messages and goals from DigiHunts Academy have been clear and consistent across all social channels. The platform now has a community of many students.

  • Connect and collaborate

There is no limit on what you can achieve. You should try to maximize the output with limited input to people and they should work happily for you. Create a good platform, post relevant information, create a community and empower them to act and then watch it flourish.

The best way to do this is, getting an out of the box website.

Example: Click4Networks is a service provider who makes different websites for companies worldwide. They provide many services like CMS Website Development, PHP Website Development, Web Hosting Services, E-Commerce Website Development.


web development company in jaipur

Remarkably, Click4Networks is a very popular site where most of the company, organizations come to make their websites.

So these were examples of successful digital marketing. We hope you like it please share your views or if you know any success story we will add your story in our next blog. Also, give your feedback.

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