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Expectations and Reality of Digital Marketing

We expect a lot of things in our daily lives. But that does not mean all expectations are fulfilled. The same case is with digital marketing.

Many companies do expect a lot from digital marketing and the result doesn’t turn out to be the same.

There are many small business owners who are disappointed with digital marketing.

It’s not because digital marketing is ineffective but because they don’t have the appropriate expectations when working with digital marketing.

There is a lot of difference between expectation and reality. While dealing in digital marketing, you need to understand the base reality and what exactly you can expect.

As the concept is constantly changing and new techniques are being added every second day, therefore you need to keep an eye on the strategies of digital marketing in 2019.

In this blog, we will see some expectations that marketers have from Digital Marketing and what exactly is the reality.

Also, whether it is right to even keep these expectations.

Expectation: More visibility brings more business

Reality: No, the reality is far away from the expectation. We know that traffic is a very important factor to get leads.

First of all, do you just want traffic or you want relevant traffic? Now the question that arises is, what’s the difference?

Well if you sell tables then you must want people interested in furniture, not in something else.

Most important thing don’t forget about your conversion rate.

Through many tactics, you can bring billions of viewers to your website, but if it’s unpleasant and slow, then they will never come back.

The reality is actually more relevant traffic brings more business.

Expectation: Digital Marketing is only for big companies

Digital Marketing

Reality: Doesn’t matter big or small. If you are running a business and providing products or services, you need to be online. Once your business is online, digital marketing is very essential for your business.

Suppose you are marketing your service to people under the age of 34, you cannot afford to be invisible on the Internet.

If anyone is interested in your product or service, the first thing he will do is, look for you online and gather more information.

Now the time has changed and having an offline-only business, is the tale of the past.

The reality is digital marketing is for everyone – big, small, startup, old business anything.

Expectation: Creating unique social content is enough

Reality: You might think that creating unique and good social content is sufficient for your marketing strategy.

Reality is a bit far from this. If you want to beat out your competitor, you will have to create high-quality content.

It can be video, image or audio, it has to be excellent and innovative.

There are many tactics on “How to get the business noticed on social media?” that describe the appropriate ways to get results from social media marketing.

You should always have a strategy to drive your data on the internet to get more attention.

The reality is only unique content is not enough for social media, you need to understand the strategy to increase engagement on that post as well.

Expectation: It is easy to come up with innovative ideas for business.

Creative Agency

Reality: Sometimes it can be difficult to find out the great ideas for your digital marketing campaign.

One of the big facts is that you can’t get results overnight.

Digital marketing experts always try to get interesting and fresh ideas for your business.

It’s important for your business to think outside the box. Innovative ideas with your marketing campaigns can attract new customers for your business.

It can be difficult to give time to get some innovative strategies while you are trying to establish or run your business.

That’s why there are many people who rely on a professional digital marketing company to study the market.

The reality is, you need to try and test and experiment, it is not necessary that you will always get an innovative idea and that idea will work.

Digital Marketing is all about experimenting.

Expectation: More Exposure Means More Business or Conversions.

Reality: According to the services of a digital marketing company, it can increase the exposure of your business or services.

But, it’s not going to suddenly change the quality of your overall service or product.

If you want to get the most out of your digital marketing strategy, you have to choose a good digital marketing company.

Only the best digital marketing company, which knows the marketing tactics and all the ups and downs of the market can help you achieve the target.

The reality is, the right exposure at the right place means more business and conversion.

Expectation: Digital Marketing Means More $$$

Reality: If you think that just having a digital marketing strategy is enough, then it’s not going to be enough.

First of all, you need a good digital marketing approach that is going to pay off.

To make it happen you have to consult with a digital marketing professional before implementing any new strategy.

The reality is, yes you can make more money with the help of digital marketing.

But this is possible only if the right techniques are applied in the right place.

Expectation: Paid ads greatly increase the traffic

Paid Advertising Agency

Reality: To some extent, it is factual. Paid ad increases the visibility but it’s not assured.

Your content quality has to be on top. Paid ads give more access to the user, it does not improve the quality of your ad.

A customer will only click on your ad if the ad will be attractive to him.

The reality is, that although paid ads can increase the traffic, but the quality of the content also plays an important role in this.


Conclusively, we can say that digital marketing is a much-needed way to promote your business nowadays.

But doing it correctly by using appropriate methods and strategies is more important.

All your expectations can be fulfilled if your digital marketing experts are following the trends and upgraded ways.

Undoubtfully you will have to be proactive and need to keep an eye on activities of marketing for your business.

If you have any experience to share about what you expected from digital marketing and what it turned out to be, please do comment in the box below. Also, let us know what you want to read on next and we will have it published for you.

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