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This is the time of Lok Sabha Election 2019, most people like to watch the election updates, allegation and clarifications of politicians.

Between all these, you may not be able to keep yourself updated with the digital marketing news. Read this full blog to get all the latest news.

Digital Marketing’s world is all about how you get connected with the latest trends, news, stats, reports, etc. Don’t worry if you were busy in your daily work and missed to search about the trends and news then here you will get all things under one roof.

In this blog, you will get all the latest and top:

  • News
  • Worldwide Surveys
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  • Facebook Messenger ends P2P Payment Services In UK And France

On April 16, Facebook sent notice to the UK and France-based users, that they will no longer provide P2P payment services in their countries.

  • Blockchain In Digital Marketing Market 2019 Enhancement and Demand By Top Key Players: IBM, AWS, Microsoft, SAP, Intel, Oracle, Bit fury, Cegeka, Earth port, Guard time.
  • Publicis declares $4.4 billion deal to acquire data marketing company Epsilon.
    French ad holding company Publicis is taking Epsilon for a net purchase price of $4.4 billion.
  • Google+ Shutdown Expedited After Discovery of a Second Data Leak – More than 50 Million Users Affected.
  • Infosys to roll out an incentive scheme for staff with digital skills.


Worldwide Surveys:

In the world of the internet, a survey plays a vital role to know the popularity, functionality and user’s choice, etc.

Our large-scale new collection of Digital 2019 Reports shows that internet users are now growing every day. It is growing by an average of more than one million new users every day.

Global Overview  

Digital around the world in 2019Penetration Urbanization
Total Population7.676 billion—-56%
Mobile Subscriptions5.112 billion67%—-
Internet Users4.388 billion57%—-
Active Social Media Users3.484 billion45%—-
Active Mobile Social Users3.256 billion42%—-
Annual Digital Growth

between Jan 2018 – Jan 2019

Total Population+84 billion+1.1%
Mobile Subscriptions+100 billion+2.0%
Internet Users+367 billion+9.1%
Active Social Media Users+288 billion+9.0%
Active Mobile Social Users+297 billion+10%


2019 Regional Overview  

Digital in the America in 2019Penetration Urbanisation
Total Population1.020 billion—-81%
Mobile Subscriptions1.058 billion—-—-
Internet Users798.4 million78%—-
Active Social Media Users673.1 million66%—-
Active Mobile Social Users610.5 million60%—-


Annual Digital Growth

between Jan 2018 – Jan 2019

Total Population+9 million+0.9%
Mobile Subscriptions+10 million+0.9%
Internet Users+57 million+7.7%
Active Social Media Users+25 million+3.8%
Active Mobile Social Users+29 million+5.0%


Global Internet Use

Internet Use: Devise Perspective
Total number of active internet users4.388 billion
Internet users – a percentage of the total population57%
Total number of active mobile internet users3.986 billion
Mobile internet users – a percentage of the total population52%


Internet Penetration by Region
Northern America 95%
Central America 63%
Southern America 73%
Northern Africa 50%
Western Africa 41%
Southern Africa 51%
Northern  Europe 95%
Southern  Europe 88%
Western Europe 94%
Central Asia 50%
Western Asia 66%
Southern Asia 42%
Eastern Asia 60%
Oceania 69%


Internet Growth Ranking: Absolute Growth

Top 5 Countries

India +97,885,011
China +50,666,155
USA +25,379,895
Indonesia +17,300,000
Iran +16,241,877


Surveys in India:

Indian Overview

Digital 2019: IndiaPenetrationUrbanization
Total Population1.361 billion—-34%
Mobile Subscriptions1.190 billion87%—-
Internet Users560.0 million41%—-
Active Social Media Users310.0 million23%—-
Active Mobile Social Users290.0 million21%—-


Annual Digital Growth

between Jan 2018 – Jan 2019

Total Population+15 million+1.1%
Mobile Subscriptions+32 million+2.8%
Internet Users+98 million+21%
Active Social Media Users+60 million+24%
Active Mobile Social Users+60 million+26%


Devices and time overview

Device Usage
Mobile Phone (any type)88%
Smart Phone40%
Laptop or Desktop Tablet5%
Television 79%
E-reader device2%
Wearable tech. device4%


Time spent with different Media
Average daily time spent by using Internet7H 47M
Average daily time spent by using Social Media2H 32M
Average daily TV viewing time2H 51M
Average daily time spent listening to music1H 29M


Use of Internet Technologies
Voice search51%
Ride service47%
Ad-blocking tools53%
Virtual private network (VPN) 41%


Social Media Overview:

Social Media Overview
Total number of user310.0 million
Active user – the percentage of the total population23%
Number of the active social user via mobile290.0 million
Active mobile social user21%


Social Media Behaviour
Visited or used a social network in the past month100%
Actively engaged in social media in the past months86%
Avg. time per day spent on social media2H 32M
Avg. number of social account per internet user12.0
Users who use social platform for work purposes32%


Social Media Audience Profile
Age% of the female user% of male user


The news never comes to an end, every day there is a new update and many new things pop up. For more new trends and updates stay tuned with our blog, we will keep you updated everything that is happening in the digital world.

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