Dec 6, 2017 By: Drive Digital

Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Now a day there are so many ways to showcase your brand on Social Media. One of the features which are capturing everyone’s attention is Snapchat and Instagram stories: which gives you the ability to upload photos and videos to your Instagram account that disappear within 24-hours.

Despite the similarities, both platforms have millions of daily active users.Many brands faced towards Instagram Stories for one big reason: the number of audiences. Building a Snapchat following could be a challenge for a newcomer who isn’t as familiar with the platform.

While Instagram has more users, those users may not represent your ideal market. Snapchat is more popular among certain communities. Means it is essential for your brand to have an active presence on both platforms.

Snapchat might be a little bit more fun because it gives you the facility to add custom lenses, it also has custom geofilters based on your location that can be a lot of fun for users.

Instagram is a little more focused on aesthetics, considering that it originated as a photo sharing app.

While Instagram seems to be better than Snapchat in most aspects of the comparison:-

  1. The Instagram user base is larger than Snapchat users.
  2. Instagram posts are high-resolution and polished, but Snapchat Posts are often raw and unedited.
  3. Your brand will be more discoverable on Instagram due to Public profile and more engagement of users.
  4. Engagement Rate of stories seems to be 28% higher on Instagram than Snapchat.
  5. You can get Instagram data for your Profile more easily than Snapchat data because of many free Instagram Analytics tools.
  6. Both offer powerful targeting and several ad formats.