Mar 23, 2018 By: Drive Digital

Google Tag manager for SEO

Hello everyone, today in this article we are going to talk about how Google Tag manager is useful for SEO. Let’s first find out what Google Tag manager is and how Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur uses it for good SEO.

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system which uses tags for tracking and analytics of a website. Google tag manager launched two versions of Google tag manager, one in October 2012 and the second in October 2014. Version one is launched with seven tag templates-

Adword conversion tracking- Adword conversion tracking helps you to track that how many leads you are getting from a particular ad. Using it can help you in setting the budget for your ad campaign. It helps a lot in SEO because a lot depends on the budget and in that budget how much you are ready to spend on ads.

Double click floodlight counter- Double Click floodlight counter helps you in tracking that how many people visited your particular page by clicking and watching your ad. Now you will say that how this is helping in SEO because showing ads is inorganic. Yes it is inorganic but it helps you in tracking user behavior, and how a user is using your website.

Double click floodlight sales- Double click floodlight sales help in tracking that how many things are purchased and what is the total amount of the purchase. This will help the companies in the placement of content and also in the placement of product. This technique is used in a very efficient way to increase the sales.

Google Analytics- It is the best analytics tool till now. It helps you in tracking everything, Weather your website traffic, user behavior, views on the video, how many people are reaching your website through social media platforms and many more. Best SEO Company in Jaipur uses Google Analytics very widely to help their clients in getting higher and higher rank on search engines.

Google Display Network remarking- We all have experienced that whenever we visit a shopping site and returns without buying anything, then ads starts appearing on our social media page or on our mobile apps. Google Display Network remarking helps you in doing this. It helps you to attract that customer back to your website who because of some reason didn’t buy your product.

Custom Image tag- It helps the Best SEO company in Jaipur in managing their own image tags with their own custom triggers and parameters. This helps them in creating Image tags according to their clients.

Custom HTML tag- Custom HTML tags help in managing the tags that are not supported by Google Tag Manager, such as 3rd party tags that have been not integrated into a tag manager as a tag template.

So these are the seven things included in the first version of Google Tag Manager.
Version 2 which was launched in October 2014, mainly focused on making the product cleaner and simpler to use.
These all things help the Best SEO companies in Jaipur in doing a great job in the field of SEO. The first version helps in showing ads and analyzing user behavior. It also helps in keeping a track on the purchase.
These are the benefits of Google tag manager in the field of SEO.