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Since the technology was tried, tested and approved, Artificial Intelligence has been impacting a lot of things, especially the world of digital marketing. AI or sometimes also known as Machine Intelligence or Machine Learning bringing a revolution in digital marketing. Artificial Intelligence is technically an artificial or computerized mind created which functions like the human mind. Until now a lot has changed and the chances are that a lot more is further going to evolve.

Some of the important features that Ai is designed to do:

1- Speech recognition
2- Learning
3- Planning
4- And problem-solving

In simple words, AI collects the data, analyze it, learn from it and use that knowledge to perform human-like tasks. Artificial Intelligence has started making an impact in a lot of sectors and content marketing is one of them. Talking about content marketing, it is a major component of digital marketing. It is almost like digital marketing is a failure without proper content marketing.
Since AI is all about using the data collected to understand the user’s behaviour and respond accordingly, there arises a question if AI is going to take over content marketing? Or Will AI change the way content marketing is done.
Let us understand how Artificial Intelligence will impact or change content marketing.

1. Personalized Content With AI –

One of the major features of AI is the ability to analyze huge amounts of data and interpret them. With the changing trends, the customers have become more informed and decisive about what and where they are shopping. In this situation, a personalized connection with the customers is what they expect from the brands. The consumers want a personalized experience and they want the brands to understand what they exactly want. Here, AI comes into the scene. AI does exactly this, collects the data and segment it accordingly. With the help of AI, marketers can know whom exactly they should target and what do the targeted audience wants to see. Artificial Intelligence formulates the data and categorizes it according to the interests, platforms used predominantly, what type of content is preferred etc. This way a more personalized content can be designed and increase the customer’s engagement. According to the statistics, 52% of the consumers are likely to switch brands, if a company does not personalize communication with them. Same is with B2B marketing. 65% of the business will likely change their brands if their vendors do not personalize communication with their company.

2. AI Generates Automated Content –

This may be really surprising for a lot of you, but there are chances that probably the content you read on the internet was not written by any human but an artificial mind. Well, yes technology has made this possible where algorithm generates automatic contents. You’ve probably even read content written by an algorithm without noticing it. Some companies like Associated Press, Yahoo, and Fox have already been using this and generating automatic content for some years now. An algorithm without the help of a human brain can write simple stories such as stock updates and sports reports. This technique is slowly developing and is quite likely to completely take over content writing in the coming years. In this way, if AI knows exactly what the audiences are interested in, it will generate automated content according. In a way, automatic content generation is an indirect way of reaching out to the target audience personally. 67% of marketers indicate, audience identification and targeting as their top priority.

3. AI Can Curate Content –

Content curating is actually when you research the trending content related to a specific topic. The content curators are striving hard consistently to find, organize and share most relevant and high-quality content related to any specific field or interest. And this is also exactly what AI does. It helps the marketers to create relevant content for their audiences at each stage of the marketing funnel. AI collects the data and categories it according to the target audience. On the basis of what they like to read, which questions they want to be answered, and any concerns they have about your specific business. If you have all this information, it becomes easy for the content marketers to curate and create the content that is more relevant and personalized towards their targets.

4. SEO Optimized Content –

Only creating the content is not enough. The content has to pass through many phases before finally being called the perfect content. You might have heard this phrase that, ‘Content is the King’. However, this saying fails if the content is without context and distribution. The same thing also applies when it comes to search engine optimization. You might have the best content but it may not appear on the front page on any search engine. The reason for this could be, it is not optimized. Now that we have repeated it a lot many times, you are well aware that Artificial Intelligence makes the work easier for you by collecting, analyzing, learning and responding accordingly to the data. The same steps are revised for Search Engine Optimization as well. A human brain may write the content, but it can always be optimized for the search engines by an artificial brain.

Artificial Intelligence is significantly going to impact the way content marketing is carried out in the near future, however, this does not mean the technology is completely replacing the work done by humans. With this type of technology, which more or less is taking over human brains by taking decisions like them, the fear of losing human importance is most likely. But Artificial Intelligence is only a technology adopted to make things easier, more analyzed, calculated, accurate and faster for the humans, not to replace them.

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