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Target Your Existing Customers

target your existing customers
You might be aware of this, but still, you are focusing on your existing customers. Always focusing on trying to reach your new customers, and neglecting your existing customers is the biggest drawback. 

Getting new customers is always good for any business not at the stack of losing your existing ones. 

You must try to provide some extra benefits to your existing customers which can create a sense of belonging. For an eCommerce store, a continuous increase in sales can be achieved if their existing customers remain loyal to them. And this can be possible only when they will be getting some extra benefits from your store.

Use Videos

use videos
You might be aware of how the popularity and the love for video content are increasing. Being an eCommerce store, you can easily showcase your products and create a much appealing video that your user would love to watch. 

Video content can prove to be the biggest source for gaining a large base of the new visitor or potential customers if correctly targeted. 

You can create such appealing videos that must have the motive to create awareness among the customers regarding your business segment and specifically the product class you deal in.

Also at the time of some festivals or offer seasons, you can target your existing as well new customers through video campaigns which must target well enough to catch everyone’s eye.
According to Think With Google, 68% of the users watched YouTube make a purchase decision.

Optimize for Mobile First

Optimize for Mobile
According to Google’s update, your website must be mobile-first optimized. And being an eCommerce store, it automatically puts a mark that your website must be optimized for mobile. 

According to stats, 34.5% of the total eCommerce sales in 2017 accounted from mobile and according to studies it will around 54% worldwide by 2021.

This explains how crucial it becomes to have an optimized web for mobile users. As it covers almost half of the population purchasing online.

Charge Up Promotions At The Time Of Vacation Or Occasion

Charge up promotions at the time of vacation or occasion
Festivals or occasions or vacations are the time you must put your high amount of efforts to gain a wider reach than normal. This is the time when people are highly active and shop for each and everything they want. And reaching to your audience at such a point of time with some offers and promotional schemes can easily increase your sales. 

You must focus on each and every platform you can work onto get some new customers and get an eye with some of the promotional offers on them. 

You targeting must be well enough that you must reach to all your targeted with their area of interest. And must target through every possible channel, i.e., whether through social media, through search or display ads, through email marketing or even YouTube marketing.

Use Limited Time Sale Scheme 

Use Limited Time Sale Scheme
This is becoming one of the most powerful and result-oriented ideas. If you apply a limited time scheme to any product this gives customers a feeling of fear of loss that they won’t be able to get the benefit after a specified time. 
Being in product selling industry, this can prove to be very much worthy for your eCommerce store.

This “Limited Time Period Offer” scheme has been implemented by many brands and has seen a dramatic hike in their sales and conversion ratio. 
When they sat upon for A/B testing on their functionality for both the offer schemes, Normal Offers vs. Limited Time Period Offer, they could see a marginal difference of 10-17% increase in their conversions during limited time period offer. As it creates a feeling of scarcity that they won’t be benefitted after some time

Accept all possible payment options

Accept all possible payment options
This is a very basic and very important point as being an eCommerce dealer you be open for accepting all the types of payment options. 
If you are concisely providing limited options then you are only closing the doors for your growing options. 

You must apply and provide all the possible payment options that prevail in the area you operate. Likewise, if you are operating in the UK then you must input Paypal in your payment options as it is one of the most commonly used payment gateways there.

Use the best selling section

Use The Best Selling Section
Best selling section, you must use the best selling section featured on your web. This provides users with a start point to surf the web, instead of using the same monotonous list of menus.

This also makes a reputation mark on the products featured on the best selling items that they are worth buying. 

Being an e-commerce storekeeper, your customer might demand a variety of things. But in order to gain a higher conversion rate, you must offer limited options and choices. 

Particularly if we talk about apparels you must not offer much colour options to your customers. This might end up confusing them.

Use testimonials with customer images

Use testimonials with customer images
Reviews right from the customers are what the customers believe the most. According to a study conducted by Salesforce, 54% of the customers look for reviews before purchasing any item.

And if the reviews from the customers also have some images attached then it gives assurance to the users also. And makes it easy for the customers in making buying decisions.

Summing up 

So, these were some of the key points which you must add-on or implement in your strategies to increase your e-commerce sales. These were some of the tested points and some key points which must be added to your marketing strategy in order to keep up with the tends.

Wish you luck with your e-commerce business and the marketing techniques you will implement in future.

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