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How important is content writing for digital marketing?

Ok, don’t get me wrong. I know you must be well informed about the importance of content in digital marketing.

So, when we talk about content writing, of course, blogs are an integral part of it.

You might have a well-planned content strategy and blogs also might have made it u in the strategy.

Ok, let me reframe the question now.

How do you decide what topics you need to choose?
How do you make sure that your topics are not repetitive, yet trending and rank on SERPs?
Do you feel you are exhausted of all the writing ideas?

Yes, I know, it can be difficult to generate out of the box ideas for blog writing.

Do not worry, we have a solution to all your problems here.

In this blog, I will share….

24 Easy Blog Post Writing Ideas to Rock Your Blog in 24 hrs

Publishing a regular stream of constantly changing content is important for ranking.

If you are an online content writer for some reason …

You need an endless flow of blog ideas for writers, which never dry out.

So what do you do when you fall short of ideas?

What do you do when you need to suggest topics, but do you feel that you are trapped in an arid desert?

You better go to this oasis that shines on the horizon and prays for it to be the river.

Fortunately for you, in this metaphorical scenario, this is usually the case.

The road to the Content River is a road full of written messages, research, brainstorming and good old-fashioned work.

To make your trip 10 times easier, I have put together my best strategies to get there. Go back to this list again and again to find a quick way to take it the right way.

Let’s start with blog ideas for writers
Sometimes all you need is to move in the right direction. This little effort is enough to sprout ideas in your head, grow rapidly and bear fruit.

Start with a theme and create variations

theme and variations

Most likely, if you are looking for blogging ideas, you probably already have one or two filters. Take them and create variations to start with some quick ideas for many publications.

For example, HubSpot recommends creating iterations of a topic by expanding and limiting it. If you start with “X Tips and tricks for beginner digital marketing,” you can reduce it to “X Tips and tricks for making different digital marketing strategies.” Or try the next step like: “Daily SEO Tips and Tricks.”

Keep going up and down the wide/narrow stairs and you can reach 10, 15 or even 20 ideas quite easily.

Use theme generators

blog idea generator

Another way to find variations of a blog idea is to use theme generators. All you have to do is connect a keyword and the builder will create different ways to frame the topic.

Sometimes this does not have a grammatical meaning, but the key is to make ideas flow instead of capturing already published topics.

HubSpot is one of the most popular theme generators. Enter the keywords “Digital Marketing”, “Digital Marketing Strategies” and “Beginner SEO Tips” in the generator:

Some make no sense, but others are an excellent starting point for ideas. (I would really like to read “The worst advice we’ve heard about digital marketing”!)

Another interesting tool is the Portent Content Ideas Generator. Play with them and see what comes out of them. You could make good sparks that ignite your idea.

Ask basic questions

ask basic questions

If you don’t like blog ideas, go back to basics. Write about basic topics, but find them in terms of your business/sector, your brand/personal growth or your keys to success. Here are some good questions to start:

How is your creative process going?
Have you recently discovered new tools that have increased your workflow?
What is the main question that customers ask?
What is the history of your business?

Link your old posts

post linking

Take a look at your older posts and make a list of the blogs that were trending or were famous among your regular readers.

Pick new topics similar to the old trending ones and in your new blog add the links of older posts.

If by any chance the older ones are still ranking, make some addition in the content about your new topic, add link of your latest one and republish it.

If the readers click on any of the links (in the old post or new one), its a win-win for you.

Experiment with case studies

case studies

Writing on trending topics and content that interests others is good. But sometimes going out of the track to experiment on something new like case studies is also a good idea.

Pin down the successful cases of your niche area and write their success stories.

Readers also get inspired to follow these types of writings.

Infographic posts can also capture the attention

content infographics

It is always a good idea to capture the attention of your readers by going a little out of the way to decorate your content.

I am talking about infographic posts. If all that you have to share is some information and numbers, why not it be in a creative way.

Try posting infographics for a change from regular text content.

Find news topics on BuzzSumo for blog ideas

buzzsumo content ideas

BuzzSumo is a fantastic tool to help you in your search for blog ideas. Apparently, there are hundreds of ways to search for various topics and keywords and get lots of useful data. Here there is only one way.

Go to the site and click on “Content analysis”.

Connect your keyword or your original topic in the search box and press “Search.” From there, scroll down to the section called “Popular topics for content related to …”

Now! Here we can see the most popular themes for the keyword, which gives us a good idea of ​​where we can go with more ideas. For example, a post on digital marketing tips for beginners would probably land very well.

For different statistics, don’t forget to filter by date (scroll up to find this filter).

Also, to get more general ideas on the trending topics you can use, go to the “Trends now” tab and filter the information according to your area. Then, the content focuses on the stories of trends.

Read the competition’s blogs

competitor blog

Your competitors’ blogs are good benchmarks for success, but you can also extract many ideas and add your personal touch.

Look at these blogs and see what they do. What have you written recently? What publications generate a lot of commitment?

Take some good ideas for you, but remember: never copy.

Search queries in Quora

search in quora

Quora is a great resource to discover the trends and problems that people are interested in at the moment.

To find common questions that people ask about topics in your area (and if answers have been provided), perform a quick search.

First, type your keyword in the search bar. A list of topics will appear below.

Click on one of them to access a summary page. You can also click on the text below that says “Search: [your subject]”.

On this page, you can filter the results to show the questions asked and the most popular topics in trend. You can also see how many people follow the questions. This can help you determine what problems might get a better answer.

Any of these questions would be an excellent blog topic to address, especially if you have unique answers.

Use Keyword Explorer

moz keyword explorer

If you want a quick way to generate ideas for blogs, go to the Moz keyword browser and search.

A simple way to get ideas for blogs is to search for a specific keyword and then visit the “Keyword suggestions” page.

On this page, go to the first drop-down list box and select “Are questions” to show only keyword suggestions on the question form. You will end up with a long list of blog ideas to address. You can also sort by relevance and search volume.

Crowdsource blog ideas

content ideas

Your audience knows what they want to see from you. Why not ask them directly what it is?

You can do this on social networks by publishing a survey. Or, it can be as simple as asking your followers what they want to see and inviting them to comment.

Most people like this kind of transparency and will appreciate it if you dedicate a full article to the suggested topic. It is an excellent trust generator.

Peek into behind the scene

indepth content

Being personal is always a good idea for your blog. This gives you and your company a more real, accessible and reliable appearance.

In this sense, create a “behind the scenes” publication (or a series of publications) that explores the inner workings of your brand. Take a tour of the office, write the characteristics of your staff or even show how you do things day after day.

Repeat the best-of tours with your past writings

top content topics

Once you start accumulating a library of blog posts, you can use them for new message ideas.

Access your files and see the topics you have paid attention to. If you have covered many different angles for a given topic, make a “rounded” post that brings together all the best blogs on this topic in one place.

This is incredibly useful for visitors looking for specific information. They will spend a lot of time clicking on the links of the summary publications, looking for information and getting all their experience in the subject.

The best part is you can create dozens of round blogs if you have a treasure of quality content on a variety of topics.

Excerpt from blog comments


You probably follow your blog comments closely, but did you know they could be an inspiration for blog ideas?

Examine the questions asked by visitors, ongoing discussions or related problems. Extract ideas from these comments and put them in a new blog.

If a reader had a question that you answered briefly in the comments, you can also refer to that experience. Expand the response and topic later in the post.

You can also check the blogs of industry authorities and view their comments sections for the same purpose. See what people are talking about, then use it to blog ideas.

Look for variations of themes on Google

google theme search
In your search for blog ideas, be sure to visit Google. A quick search can help you a lot.

Enter your keyword in Google, then scroll to the end. You will find “Related Searches” that can give you some quick ideas in an instant.

Take a glance at the Twitter Chats

twitter chats

If you want the down-low on what people in your immediate network are talking about – stuff you could potentially write about – head to Twitter and find out the scuttlebutt (for non-word nerds, that means “gossip”).

Check popular hashtags, including industry chats and topics. What questions are people asking? What topics are popping up over and over? Keep a notepad and pen handy while you do your research, and jot down your discoveries.

These can be turned into great blog ideas that are of-the-moment.

Do an interview

conduct an interview
If you have exhausted on your blog ideas, touch someone’s brain and enter their free space.

Interview someone who knows your area. Get information about their secrets to succeeding. Or ask them about their favorite creative tools, their process or the advice they would give to their juniors.

Avoid taking the boring route by asking unique questions to get new ideas.

A blog for a niche in your target audience

blog ideas for niche specific
Here is another excellent way to reuse or rewrite old articles: try writing them for a different audience.

For example, a publication on digital marketing tips for amateur could become tips for experienced digital marketers who want to improve. Similarly, a publication on how to plan a digital marketing strategy could go further. It could be reused as a post with tips or advice for improving your existing digital marketing strategy.

Just make sure that the niche for which you are writing is not excessive; otherwise, nobody will find the publication useful.

Approach the positive/negative side

positive or negative sides

Remember to explore both sides of a story when submitting blog ideas. It means turning the coin and looking at a subject from the opposite point of view.

For example, “The mistakes you are currently making in digital marketing” could become “Digital marketing results that show you are doing well.”

Write in a different format

content rewriting

It’s quite simple: take a topic you have already written. Now, rewrite it in a new format.

For example, convert a previous blog post that worked well in an infographic. Develop a list publication and transform it into a long format guide.

Write a parody post

parody postWho doesn’t like a little humor? Add spices to your blog list with a brief break from serious topics. Relax with a parody article based on clichés, jokes, mistakes or misconceptions common in your industry.

Make a list of the best blogs/articles on the web

best blog articles list

You have blogs that you read insistently, as well as resources that you check again and again when you’re in trouble. Share them with the world to get a useful and top-notch blog post.

You can even create a series of blogs that divide your list of links to be absolutely visited by topic, the topic is covered by a blog. That is, expand your favorite writing links in several publications, such as “My 10 favorite writing tools,” followed by “15 of the best writing blogs I read daily.”

Have an Opinion

have an opinion

It’s better to have an opinion than to blindly (and blandly) go along with the status quo. Readers don’t necessarily need your unbiased rehash of hot-button issues in your industry.

What’s more interesting? Your personal take on these matters can generate discussions.

Don’t be afraid to have a point of view and assert it. This could win you more readers and more trust than if you stayed safely in your lane.

So, shake things up a little bit. Try being a contrarian in your industry. Don’t just churn out blog ideas; create blogs that have your personal stamp all over them. Don’t just say something – say something with passion.

Invite guest bloggers

guest blogging
Inviting guest bloggers to post on your site, once in a blue moon is also an interesting idea to rock.

Once or twice, it is always good to change the taste. And it also gives a new perspective not only your writing but also to your readers.

Hopefully, these blog ideas for writers have lit this bulb in your brain and made you want to create. Maybe you’ve already written 10 or 15 new ideas, or maybe you have a lot of brain swimming ready to develop.

Whatever you do, remember that you cannot reinvent the wheel. No one is a powerful idea 24/7. Consider this as your useful little help to get started. After that, the speed increase is entirely up to you.

Do not forget to share your experiences and feedbacks after using some of these tips and how these ideas have helped you.

Good Luck!

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