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Why Reviews are so important?

If you have been spending most of your time online, you might have noticed that almost all the sites have a special column for review or feedback. Have you ever wondered why these customer reviews are so important? Well, the answer to this is, a customer is everything for a company, especially if it is thriving hard to make a foothold in the market. And the customer reviews means a promotional chit for them. The more positive reviews you have, the more traffic is likely to flow in. 85% of consumers trust online reviews are much as personal recommendations

Reviews can literally make or break a brand. Getting positive customer reviews is a tough task, or it may not be as tough as it sounds. There are a lot of factors responsible to get your customers to leave a positive feedback for you. Let us take a look at the most important 10 strategy that promotes positive customer reviews for your brand or business.

  1. Advertise Customer Reviews To Build Your Brand –Proudly boast about your best reviews (unedited) at the place on your site that is most visible. Positive reviews lure and motivate more and more customers to buy your services and products. Keep the reviews original, because that is the basic reason, your audience will believe them to be true. Anything sugar coated will not survive for long.
  2. Video Testimonials –Written reviews are no doubt good, but visual testimonials add icing to the cake. People are more likely to be attracted to video testimonials compared to written reviews. Also, feedback in the form of videos is more genuine, this will give you more conversion rate. You can even have separate page dedicatedly for reviews, where you can display both textual and video testimonials.
  3. Be Responsive –Undoubtedly, you will get both positive and negative reviews. Which is good. Getting negative reviews is no harm, but only make sure you respond to them as soon as possible and resolve the issue on priority basis. You also need to make sure that you reply to both negative as well as positive reviews. A small gesture of gratitude always makes the customers happy and motivates others also to leave feedback for your brand.
  4. Personalized Replies –Try to build a personal relationship with each of your customer. They would love to get a personalized reply to their reviews. This may seem to be an impossible task, but it is not as difficult as it sounds. Artificial Intelligence is doing wonders when it comes to understanding the customer behaviours and composing personalized content for each one of them.
  5. Make It Easy For The Customers To Leave Review –Make the reviewing process as quick and as hassle-free as possible. Making it easy for them to leave their feedback is likely to get you more reviews and in return attract more customers. If you have a form to get the reviews, keep it short and to the point. Try not to make the fields of personal information compulsory. Not everyone would be interested to share it. Altogether, the customers should not feel it to be a tiresome task to leave feedback for you. Anything that seems complicated to them may discourage them to leave any feedback.
  6. Choose Your Customers As Your Brand Ambassadors –Keep a track of your regular customers and offer them a special obligation. Make them your brand ambassador. This will not only give heights to your company reputation but also having your customers as your ambassadors will sound more genuine, different, authentic and most importantly real. Making the customers in charge of your brand will definitely lure in more customers.
  7. Add The Best Reviews In Promotional Emails –Adding the handpicked best reviews in your promotional emails will be a step forward to promote your brand. According to the data, one person spends 30% of their working day checking out their inboxes. There could be no better way to promote your brand by showcasing about your already happy clients when you reach out to your potential clients through promotional emails. It is important that your customers love your emails. Including customer feedback in your promotional emails may encourage your customers to make a purchase on your site.
  8. Add Yourself On Review Sites –There are various review sites available online, where people can actually read the reviews left by other customers about your brand. Review sites are like directories, on searching a particular name of a business or product, visitors get reviews and ratings along with the listing. Create an account for your brand on such sites and regularly keep a check on them. Another feature that you can use it to your benefit is advertising. Some of these review sites also allow you to pick your best reviews and run it in the listing right next to your competitors.
  9. Lure Customers To Leave A Feedback –Time is one factor that is essential both for you and your customer. Therefore, give them a reason to spend that extra bit on your site to leave feedback. Encourage them to write a review, offer them incentives like discount or coupon codes, entrance into a contest for an even bigger prize, or gift cards for coffee, online shopping, or cold hard cash.
  10. Capture The Attention At The Right Time –Getting a positive review is important, but make sure you are asking for it at the right time. You need to follow your customers buying journey and ask them to leave a feedback when they are ready for it. This will get you optimal results. Reviewing at the wrong time could result in a bad review, so be certain about when you ask for the feedback.

You boasting about your brand will not leave any impact on the audience. But your customers sharing their self-satisfactory experience definitely will. Let your customers do the branding for you. You give them the best and let them do the mouth publicity by talking about your best. Hearing it from someone other than you will be more genuine and build trust. Promoting positive customer reviews will definitely lure new ones and do self-promoting for your brand or business.


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