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Online Marketing Mistakes

1. Improve Social Media Performance:-
Nowadays social media is one of the most powerful tools to give a dramatic boost to your product/content in the digital marketing world. If you are the one who is ignoring the power of social media so this is the time to enter into it and boost your performance of product/post. The most powerful social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. All the social media platform have their own advantages and the functional area which you can use for your promotion/branding/spreading information etc.

2. Lack of knowledge about the topic and Language:- This is the common mistake in online marketing that you have a limited or less knowledge of the product/posts and Language. If you are a beginner in the field so take help from an expert to improve your work/knowledge.

3. Avoiding images/videos in posts:- You barely have seen any posts without image or video. This is one of the keys to making your post popular. And you will be amazed by knowing that, the Post with photographs/videos receive 94% more views than others. So always try to add images and/or videos.

4. Using embassy English:- sometimes digital marketing experts use a high-level English called embassy English, which is again a mistake. More than 90% of digital readers are not expert in English. Their vocabulary is also limited to daily uses. And using embassy English will reduce your readers base. So be aware of this and use simple and daily conversational English words.

5. Ignoring SEO tactics in a post:- Post will be more effective to convert traffic and improve SEO of the website/blog, if SEO keywords and links are there in the post. This is the general practice among beginners and intermediates in digital marketing. They forgot or they don’t know about using selected keywords and links in their post. It will help in increasing brand value and traffic to your site.

6. Avoiding follow-up from existing customers/users/readers:- Writing and posting are not enough to increase traffic or awareness. Followup is also mandatory. This is a bad practice among digital marketing experts that they do not care about FAQs and new comments on their latest or old posts. If you receive a comment from a user/reader than it’s again a chance to convert him/her into a follower/customer.

7. Avoiding/misreading of statistical data:- as we all know that before writing an article or a blog we need to do some homework/preparation for that. Similarly to know more about the taste of reader/user we must check reports from our last posts. What exactly reader wants you to write about? What are the comments and reply you received from your last post? You can easily get to know about what will be the next topic on which you can write your next article or blog.

8. Avoid re-targeting to existing customers:- As a digital marketing expert or a fresher, you must be aware that there is more potential in existing customer than new users/readers. So if you are about to post an article or a blog, also target your existing customer with new ones. There are more than 50% chance that your existing customer interacts with your post and complete your related goals.

9. Pointing/being -ve towards competitor(s):- if you are the one who is saying negative or bad words about your competitor(s) in your post, then stop this right now! Because you are allowing your customer to compare your with others and after comparison, they may move towards them. The comparison may become the part of your reputation/goodwill. E.g Abc product is way better than XYZ.

10. Post contains a lot of promotional text rather than informational text:- I am not saying that your post should contain only informational text but try to use only 5-14% of text as a promotional text. If your post contains promotional text more than 15-20% than it looks like you are selling your services. For customer point of view, your post should look like that the post is only for his/her informational purpose. But if your reader thinks that the post is for the promotional purpose. Then he/she will not read the whole content, which further increases your bounce rate.

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