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Why Avoid Marketing Mistakes?

marketing mistakes are generally defined in two aspects. one which harms your ranking and another which cause legal charges. Let’s understand this. Everyone knows marketing is necessary to make a brand/product/person popular and also to increase the profit ratio. There is a famous quote by Beth Comstock “You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything”. Without effective marketing, you can’t sell anything which is there in digital marketing also. Sometimes marketing mistakes may cause legal charges which are unethical practices. like false commitment to customers, stealing content, copy trademark logo/content and a lot more. And generally, these mistakes are done by startups who are not aware of all the aspects/circumstances.
Some major mistakes are:-

  1. Posting content everywhere on internet:- Yes, this is true. You must be thinking that this will gives you more traffic and conversion. But no, this may harm your reputation/goodwill. Let us understand this with an example. Suppose you are one of the followers of ABC brand and you are following that on all social media as well as other platforms. If that ABC will post a content on all the social media at once what will your reaction? Will you go to read that whole content on all the platform? How many notifications will you receive at the same point in time? Hope you will understand the main context behind this point. We are one of the Best SEO Company in India who is not following  this concept.
  2. Focus on traffic rather than quality traffic:- A Post should be posted on all the possible mediums to promote and make that available for everyone in your reach. If you post that blog/article in one go that the above issue will arise again. So there is a crux in the strategy to do this. And what’s that? To avoid post your blog/article in a gap of 1 or 2 days with different offers and promotional text. And focus on quality traffic rather just traffic. Do not post it everywhere on the internet. You may successful to increase traffic but you will fail to raise the quality of traffic which may convert as your customer later.
  3. Neglecting SEO implementation on the website :- this is one of the major disasters I have ever seen. To make your work on SEO effective you have to implement SEO tags and tactics on your website. You may drive traffic towards the website but it will not impact the ranking for search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc. Implementing SEO on a website is the 1st ever step in digital marketing.
  4. Choosing beginner for Website/app / SEO development:- If you are a business owner and thinking to promote your business to drive digital traffic with a conversion. You have to choose an expert rather than a beginner. As beginners don’t aware of the ethical practices and -ve SEO, which may impact your website performance, ranking etc. Sometimes search engines like google, bing etc may penalize your web pages or domain and reduce their ranking. Even sometimes their penalties are like your website/domain will not appear in search result ever.
  5. Sale is main motive rather than Customer satisfaction:- new bees don’t aware that the main crux of conversion is not selling directly, instead give the information or let them understand their problem first. Then give the solution to their problems as your product/services. And make them feel happy and be with them till your product/service lasts. Even try to make them satisfied with your services, this will help and open a new channel like mouth publicity for your brand.
  6. Ignoring reports from past activities:- as we all know that before writing an article or a blog we need to do some homework/preparation for a good result. Similarly to know more about the taste of reader/user we must check reports from our last posts. What exactly reader wants you to write about? What are the comments and reply you received from your last post? How can you increase Organic Traffic? You can easily get to know about what will be the next topic on which you can write your next article or blog.
  7. Avoiding mobile-friendly websites:- There are more mobile devices than people in the world. More than 55% of internet users access websites on mobile devices. So you can imagine the power of a mobile-friendly website. If your website is not mobile friendly than you will be in trouble you may lose your reader/existing customers.
  8. Fake news/post publishing:- This is a bad practice to make a fake news or promotional content to increase traffic or conversion rate. This may increase traffic to your site, but simultaneously It will dramatically increase bounce rate also. And this will reduce your reputation/goodwill. If things will go wrong that search engine may penalize your website. Or legal action may be taken under the law.
  9. Ignoring competitors analysis:- Promotion of your website is the primary requirement but at the same time, you must be aware of your competitor actions. What are they doing? How are they promoting their products? What are the different platforms they are using? And a lot more questions…This will help you to grow much faster than earlier.
  10. Emphasis only on sales than branding:- if you are thinking that you will increase your sales just by saying SALE! SALE! SALE! then this is the time to leave that myth. Customer satisfaction, branding, product improvement etc. Are equal important to sale. Customer will not go to buy your product or services until he/she is fully convinced of your sale strategy.



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