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What are the best blogging tools?

Content is literally ruling the online market today. Nothing can be practically done without the content.

Be it a small tagline for your social media post, a blog, an article or simple meta title and meta description, content is everywhere. Now that content is so important, it has to be impeccable. Also, you don’t need an SEO agency for this work, you can easily do it through basic blogging tools discussed below.

Let us take one at a time. First, let us talk about blogging.

If you worry about your content, we will tell you 10 best blogging tools that will help you make your content error free. These tools are easily available. All these blogging tools are free and it will increase your blog quality.

Below mentioned tools are awesome it makes your work easier and saves a lot of time and hard work on editing the content. These blogging tools not just improve your content but also drive traffic on your site.

10 Best Blogging Tools

•      Grammarly Grammar Checker

This tool checks the grammar error in your content. It suggests proper punctuation and spelling correction in your content.

It is easily available in browser extension like Chrome, Firefox, etc. Grammarly is free to use, if you want to avail more features, you can buy the premium versions. It is user-friendly and it is also available in mobiles.

•      Ginger

It is similar to Grammarly. Ginger software has a special functionality that users can communicate in over 40 languages with its translation service.

It can find the error and correct them accordingly. Ginger helps the user in writing skills and checks all the words written in the content.

A lot of time is saved by using Ginger while writing blogs. Ginger has its own learning center, from there user can improve their writing skills.

•      Hemingway

Hemingway is an editor and it is also a free tool to use. It is also available for both windows and mac. Also, it will enhance your writing skills.

For instance, if any difficult words are used in the content, the tool suggests you easier options for it. This tool highlights the statements that are too long to read, this again helps while editing and improves the quality of content.

It also tells where active statements are useful and where passive statements are used.

•       Slick Write

Slick Write is an online editor and it is also a free tool to use. In Hemingway, the editing done by the user is not saved, but it is not the same for Slick Write.

You can save your work in text documents. This tool also gives you different suggestions for a word.

•      Paper Rater

Paper Rater is a tool for spelling and grammar check. It is also a free tool available for all browsers. Paper Rater works faster than other tools.

It has a feature called vocabulary builder option, by this if a user wants to know the synonyms of a particular word, they only have to type that word and it will give the best options for the word.

•      Google Analytics

Google analytic is one of the most important tools and it is free to use. It tracks the traffic on the blog and tells you from which demographic region the user has come to read your content.

Not only this, but it will also tell how many new users have come and how many old users have reread the content. It will also tell the worst performing page in your content like how many users exit that page in less time.

•      Canva

Canva tool is also free and can be used with registration. It is useful to create beautiful customized banner images for your content.

This is the most famous social media image tool. In this, we can create or edit the images easily. There are millions of images available there, with hundreds of fonts to make your image more beautiful and creative.

Canva is most used photo editing tool around the world. It also gives drag and drop features.

•      Headline Analyzer

It plays a very important role in your content if your headline is attractive in the content the reader will be interested to read further. This tool helps you to write a proper headline for your content in the blog.

•      WordPress

Word Press is also a free tool and easy to use. It also offers you help and support options.

Here you can get the answers to all your queries. It is professional and many of the blog writers use WordPress to write their content.

Other than this, this tool also offers several themes and tools to create attractive and creative blogs.

•       Auto Crit

It is a free tool. Its main features are repetition checker, remove redundant words, checks readability, etc.

Auto Crit increases your editing speed by pointing out the grammatical error and suggests how to improve your writing quality.

All the blogging tools listed above will definitely save your time. These tools are easily available online that too free of cost with each one having exclusive features.

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